The Scholarship Program will not be renewed for 2016. Please come back next year!

We are pleased to announce that David J. Roman has been awarded our scholarship for the 2015 academic year. Please check back for future scholarship opportunities.

Medigo ScholarshipWho is MEDIGO?

MEDIGO is an online medical travel platform that aims to disrupt the global healthcare industry by empowering patients who desire affordable treatment, access to higher quality facilities and clinicians, or to reduce their waiting times. Launched in Berlin in 2014, MEDIGO now lists almost 400 clinics and hospitals in 15 different countries.

Why choose medical travel?

Inflated medical bills, long waiting times and inadequate standards of care have resulted in many US patients seeking care abroad. Through price transparency and a commitment to opening up access healthcare, MEDIGO removes the barriers that prevent patients from obtaining the care they need.

Our scholarship:

We are offering a scholarship award of $2,000, with the aim of supporting one promising student who is interested in pursuing a career in marketing. MEDIGO knows how hard it can be to be both creative and effective in the field of marketing, especially when dealing with a crucial topic like healthcare. This is why we want to award those who have the talent to create something truly special.
In forming your application, you’ll need to consider current healthcare trends and how MEDIGO addresses them, whilst keeping our core values of transparency and quality firmly in mind. Above all, it is important to remember who the MEDIGO platform is primarily built for: patients.

Application Deadline: 31st July 2015

Who can apply:

MEDIGO can only accept applications from students whose university/college has accepted the MEDIGO Scholarship Program. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a course in marketing, tourism management, healthcare management, or business administration.

How to apply:

Imagine you are given $10,000 for a marketing campaign to educate the American people about medical tourism and spread awareness the benefits that can come from opting for treatment abroad. What would be your strategy?
Please produce an essay of 1500-2000 words outlining your strategy. Applications will be judged on creative thinking, initiative and relevance.

Play by the rules:

Applications must be original – each essay will be scanned for plagiarism
Applications should be sent from a college/university email account and include the following:
• 1500-2000 word essay (attached in pdf)
• Proof of student status (scanned copy of your dated student ID front and back, registration receipt, class schedule…)
• Proof of enrollment in a course in marketing, tourism management, healthcare marketing, or business administration

All applications as well as any questions about the scholarship and its requirements should be sent to

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