Patient empowerment to us means putting you in control of where you receive treatment. That means providing clear, accurate, and unbiased information about your treatment options. The best way for us to do that is through our clinic profiles.

There are a lot of ways that patients can do this for themselves, but at MEDIGO our mission is to make medical travel simple. So we strive to provide as much information as we can so you can make an informed decision. What sets MEDIGO profiles apart? Here are a few reasons our profiles are your best source of information about clinics abroad:

1. The Curated Marketplace vs. The Advertisement Section

MEDIGO is a curated marketplace. What that means is we very carefully select the clinics we list on our website, and we don't just take any clinic that comes by. Clinics don't write their own listing. When we select a clinic to feature in our marketplace, we do everything we can to collect all of the facts ourselves and present them to you as unbiased as possible.

A screen shot from a clinic profile

Inside the profile, you can find details such as languages spoken at the clinic, a map of its location, and different services for international patients.

2. Clear, Factual Content

When you read our clinic profiles, we're not trying to sell you on the clinic. We do our research on the clinic, the doctors, and the technology they offer and we tell you what we find. We do this because we are confident you will choose the clinic that meets your needs if you are given all of the re
levant information. If you just can't decide, our Care Team can help. We strive to write profiles that are easy for every patient to read, with the most important information being easy to find.

3. We Don't Try To Think For You

If you were reading an advertisement trying to sell you on a clinic, it would only tell you things that would convince you to book a treatment no matter what. At MEDIGO, we give you the facts and let you decide for yourself. Since we hand-pick our clinics, we are confident you will make the decision to book with us. To us, that is patient empowerment at its best; we don't make the decision for you, we help you make one yourself.

An example of a search result on MEDIGO's platform

On the search results page, it is easy to find the average rating other patients have given the clinic, alongside accreditations the clinic has earned. You can also add these clinics to your favorites.

4. Transparency

Clinics are reviewed by patients who have traveled through MEDIGO, patients who have visited the clinic independently, and by MEDIGO staff who visited the clinic. We don't moderate comments because we believe that patient feedback is the best opportunity to improve the quality of care provided by the MEDIGO network.

5. A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

We feature high-quality photos of each clinic on our profiles for a reason. We want you to see what the clinic looks like, so you can see the type of environment you will be visiting. In many cases we send our own photographers, and they write a review of their impressions of the clinic afterward.

6. The Tools You Need

Every clinic is different, but there are a few things that are important for every patient. Information like what accreditations a clinic has or what languages are spoken by the staff are essential to selecting the right clinic for you, and so we make sure that information is easy to find on every profile. We also make it easy to contact the clinic through our secure messaging system. With hundreds of clinics in our marketplace, we do our best to ensure that the information we give you is solid. But we also encourage patients to research our clinics for themselves. Given all the facts, we're certain you'll make the best decision for yourself.

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