The latest alumni of the MEDIGO Bright Spark Internship program, Victoire Lequoy, shared her thoughts on being a part of our Business Intelligence team. Hailing from France and with a business degree in data analysis and a master’s in statistical engineering, Victoire interned as a data analyst for six months at MEDIGO.

Why did you join MEDIGO?

I had already worked in the insurance, FMCG, and telecommunications sectors, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to discover a new sector in an environment that I had never experienced before — the start-up! I also thought that being part of the revolution of the healthcare sector, as well as the boom of data analysis in it, would be very exciting. I wasn’t proved wrong.


How did you find out about the internship?

I saw an ad on my school’s job board (ESSEC Business School in Paris).


What did your role at MEDIGO entail?

As the Business Intelligence intern, I was pretty much the right arm of the Head of Business Intelligence — a big deal! I was responsible for updating the various data trackers that are an essential part of MEDIGO’s operational and business reporting. I also tracked the performance of new improvements that were launched on the MEDIGO platform, devised ways to improve the company’s data model, analyzed data to answer the various departments’ inquiries, and provided recommendations on how to improve key metrics.


What skills did you learn during your internship?

I learned how to use Structured Query Language (SQL), which is used in database management, and then rapidly improved on that skill. I also improved my data analysis skills by analyzing vast amounts of data and then presenting it to, e.g., the company’s business development and the product departments to help them make decisions to benefit their teams.


Who was your biggest mentor & what did you learn from them?

Aurélien Elimane Gueye, MEDIGO’s Head of Business Intelligence, was a key mentor. I really admired how well he maintains the global vision of the company and how he simplifies a lot of data to help the business make strategic decisions.


Most memorable moment at MEDIGO?

I loved the various team meetings I had the chance to be in because they gave me a different perspective on the databases and were very instructive. But it wasn’t all hard work and no play: I also loved ‘Beer O'Clock’, a fun reminder each Friday that MEDIGO is also about team members getting to know each other beyond the office.


Any tips for future MEDIGO interns?

You’ll have many responsibilities, and you’ll really have a say in the decision-making process. Don’t hesitate to take the initiative, this is very welcome. And don't be shy! Enjoy your internship and learn as much as you can. MEDIGO might be a startup now but it will be a major player in the medical sector in a few years, so don’t underestimate how much it can offer. Be 100% part of the adventure!


Victoire leaves MEDIGO to take a position at Procter & Gamble, one of the world’s biggest FMCG companies, in Paris. We wish you great success, Victoire!

Victoire alongside our CPO, Ieva Soblickaite, and one of our developers, Alex Giannakakos, at our birthday celebrations.

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