Ready to shed the glasses? Bored of fishing around blurrily to find your last contact? In this Medigo Cost Guide, we'll walk you through how much it costs to get laser eye surgery at great prices, and leave your blurry vision behind forever.

Laser eye surgery (LASIK) is a popular procedure that corrects both short- and long-sighted vision problems, as well as other conditions like astigmatism. You can read more about the procedure, how it's performed and what to expect on our laser eye surgery procedure page. For more FAQs, check out the John Hopkins Medicine guide to laser eye surgery.

But if you've done your research and you're ready to find out how much laser eye surgery costs around the world, read on.

The content and prices in this guide were updated in July 2019.

How much does laser eye surgery cost in 2019?

The cost of laser eye surgery varies from country to country. LASIK can cost as much as $5000 per eye in the United States, or as little as $595 per eye in Turkey.

Most of the time, laser eye surgery is quoted one eye at a time, although some clinics offer packages for both eyes.

The factors that affect laser eye surgery cost include:

  • the amount of correction required
  • the type of technology used
  • the experience and reputation of the surgeon
  • the location of the clinic.

It's also important to remember costs outside of the laser eye surgery itself. Sometimes patients will also have to pay for:

  • pre-surgery consultations
  • aftercare and follow-up appointments
  • pre-surgery tests to determine the size of the pupil and the thickness of the cornea.

This will differ from patient to patient, and you should always discuss the cost of any add-on procedures with your chosen clinic before booking. 

 Laser eye surgery in the US, UK, and Australia

In the US, UK and Australia, laser eye surgery is usually considered an elective procedure. This means it's rarely covered by insurance, the NHS or Medicare. Some patients with severely compromised eyesight are able to get LASIK as part of their insurance coverage. Most patients, however, have to pay out of pocket.

The average cost of laser eye surgery in the US is $4,500 for both eyes, or $2,250 per eye.1

Along with the factors listed above, this price can also change from state to state. Most major health insurance companies in the US do not cover laser eye surgery.

The average cost of laser eye surgery in the UK is between £1,195 and £2,875 per eye.2

The NHS only covers laser surgery for eye conditions that will lead to loss of vision if left untreated. If your vision problem can be treated successfully with glasses or contact lenses, the NHS will not pay for it. 3

The average cost of laser eye surgery in Australia is $2,500 ($1,720 USD) per eye.4

Medicare follows similar guidelines to the NHS, and will only offer laser eye surgery for vision-threatening conditions that can't be solved by other means. Many private insurances in Australia also do not cover laser eye surgery, meaning that most Australian laser eye surgery patients pay out of pocket.

The cost of laser eye surgery abroad

For those seeking a more affordable option, traveling for laser eye surgery is a popular and inexpensive choice.

Unlike in the UK, US and Australia, most other countries price LASIK as part of a package. For example, in Turkey the average cost per eye is $595, and packages for both eyes start at $1190.

Although Turkey, Mexico, and Thailand are usually the top choices for Medigo patients traveling for laser eye surgery, there are other countries who also offer great surgeons and clinics for lower prices. These include Spain, Tunisia, and the Philipines. Doctors at these clinics are extremely used to international travellers. Most doctors will speak English, or provide a translator who does.

Often, overseas clinic will include offers in their packages for international patients to make traveling for laser eye surgery easier. These might include:

  • Free transfers between the airport, clinic and hotel
  • Reduced accommodation rates, or even free accommodation
  • Online doctor consultations
  • Assistance in car rentals
  • Tourism activity booking

How do I find safe LASIK overseas?

Finding safe laser eye surgery overseas is just the same as finding it at home. You need to make sure you have a qualified doctor with lots of experience, in a clean and modern clinic. Here are some good questions to ask a doctor when you're meeting with them:

  • How many surgeries do you perform every year?
  • How long have you been practicing?
  • Where did you study, and what did you specialize in?
  • What accreditations does your clinic have?

Although price is an important factor in elective surgery like LASIK, trust your instincts and don't go with a very cheap price if the doctor or clinic makes you uncomfortable. If you ever need additional advice, the Medigo Care Team can connect you with a range of accredited doctors across the world, and help you find the laser eye surgery you need at the price point you can afford.


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