How much does liposuction cost?


Liposuction in the US

In the United States, liposuction will cost anywhere between $4,000 and $12,000 depending on where it is performed and how much fat needs to be removed. Most insurances will not cover liposuction. There may also be a number of hidden fees associated with liposuction in the United States, with additional requirements such as anesthesia and bandages often not included in the overall quote.


Liposuction in the UK

Liposuction can only be found on the NHS in special cases, where the liposuction forms part of reconstructive surgery or to treat conditions such as lymphoedema, which causes excessive swelling in the body’s tissue. In order to qualify for liposuction on the NHS, you must first undergo a series of consultations with your GP, a cosmetic surgeon, and an NHS psychologist to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

With private clinics in the UK, a liposuction procedure will typically start at around £2,700 ($3,855). For more complex procedures on multiple areas of the body, you can expect to pay as much as £10,000 ($14,200).


Liposuction in Australia

Whilst some private medical insurances may cover a portion of the cost of liposuction in Australia depending on how much you have already paid in, usually you will need to cover the full cost yourself. For surgery in one area of the body, it costs around $4,000-6,000, whilst 4 or more areas of the body will cost in the region of $9,000-$15,000.

The cost of liposuction abroad

Lowest Cost of Liposuction

Liposuction in Poland from $634

Located at the heart of Europe, Poland is popular with people from across the continent who are seeking quality and affordable plastic and cosmetic surgery. Liposuction in Poland starts from as little as $634. Specialist cosmetic clinics can be found in the historic city of Wroclaw, as well as Szczecin near the German border, and Jelenia Gora near the Czech border in the south west.


Liposuction in Mexico from $798

With liposuction not covered by most health insurances in the United States and the cost of private treatment extremely expensive, many Americans choose to cross the border for more affordable liposuction. With clinics across the country in Mexico City, Tijuana, Cancun, Mexicali, Guadalajara, and Jalisco, Mexico is home to a number of cosmetic specialists providing liposuction from as low as $798.


Liposuction in Thailand from $793

Thailand is perhaps one of the first places that spring to mind when you think of cosmetic surgery abroad. Located in southeast Asia, Thailand has built itself a reputation for affordable plastic surgery and beauty treatments in recent years and makes great efforts to attract patients from around the world. Thailand is already one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the world, and with quality clinics in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai, more and more people are choosing to take advantage affordable liposuction treatments. The lowest price for liposuction in Thailand is around $793.


Liposuction in Hungary from $901

In terms of healthcare, Hungary is more well-known for the quality of its dental treatment, but it is also home to a number of cosmetic clinics offering liposuction. In both the capital Budapest and in the town of Pecs, liposuction can be found from $901.


Liposuction in Turkey from $1,222

Istanbul – Turkey’s largest city and its cultural capital – is home to a number of specialist clinics offering liposuction treatment. With one half of the city in Europe and the other half in Asia, Istanbul is regarded as the frontier between the two continents and is therefore as easily accessed from the Middle East as from Europe. Liposuction in Turkey starts from around $1,222.


Liposuction in Spain from $1,707

With clinics around the country in cities such as Valencia, Alicante, Barcelona and Madrid, Spain is a popular choice for liposuction procedures. The cost of liposuction in Spain begins at around $1,707. With Spain already one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, many holiday goers are now choosing to add a cosmetic surgery or beauty procedure into their itinerary.


Liposuction in Germany from $3,242

Germany is considered to be one of the world’s healthcare centers of excellency, and for cosmetic surgery this is no different. Thousands of patients a year from across the globe travel to Germany to take advantage of its health facilities. Hospitals in Berlin, Schwerin, and Hildesheim offer liposuction treatment starting at $3,242.

Liposuction in Brazil from $1,527

Brazil’s golden beaches and dense rainforests are already world-famous and the chosen destination of millions of tourists each year. There are a number of clinics in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, and Porto Alegre providing quality liposuction procedures, with prices starting at $3,942.

The lowest cost of liposuction around the world:


What influences the cost of liposuction?

As it can be performed on almost every area of the body where fat deposits are present, getting an accurate idea of the potential cost of liposuction can be daunting. Prices differ depending on the amount of fat that must be removed, where the fat is located, any previous cosmetic surgery that you may have undergone and whether the liposuction is to be performed in multiple areas. There is, therefore, no set price for liposuction.

There are many different factors which influence the price. The final cost of liposuction depends entirely upon the wishes of the individual patient – you can spend as much or as little as you want. Liposuction performed in multiple areas of the body will cost more, whilst if there is a particularly large amount of fat to be removed this will also push the cost up. Areas, where fat deposits are easily accessed such as the buttocks, the outside of the thighs and the waist, tend to be cheaper than more complicated areas such as the abdomen, the inside of the thighs, and the breasts.

Liposuction - MEDIGO

The weight of the patient is also an influencing factor. A heavy patient is likely to have a greater amount of fat deposits, thus increasing the time and level of expertise needed to remove them. The cost of liposuction is also affected if you have previously lost a significant amount of weight, with the excess skin left by the weight loss making the surgery more difficult. If you have already undergone liposuction in the past, the cost of any further liposuction procedures will increase. This is due to the scar tissue left behind by previous surgery, which complicates the process of fat removal.

Surgeon experience is another factor to consider when calculating the cost of liposuction. A surgeon with an outstanding reputation who has been performing liposuctions over many years, will cost significantly more than a less-experienced doctor.

How do I find liposuction abroad?

With access to liposuction in the US, the UK, and Australia restricted by cost and other factors, many people are choosing to travel beyond their home country for the procedure. Cost is just one of many reasons that patients travel for liposuction treatment. Waiting times tend to be much shorter, whilst the opportunity to combine the procedure with a vacation in destinations such as Thailand or Spain is a huge attraction.

The cost of liposuction abroad is significantly lower, even when additional expenses such as flights, accommodation, food and drink and airport transfers are considered. Prices can still vary dramatically from country to country and it is worth carrying out extensive research before making any decisions. It is also worth keeping in mind that, much like in the United States, a high-cost procedure does not necessarily guarantee a high standard of care.

One of the most frequent concerns about traveling for liposuction is safety. It is important to look for international accreditations such as JCI (Joint Commission International) whilst searching for a clinic, as well as the qualifications and experience of the surgeon. Patient reviews are another good indicator of the quality of the clinic, and can sometimes be the most honest and clear judgement of the level of care provided. International accreditations are important as the healthcare standards of national accrediting bodies can vary dramatically between countries.

Many people also find the idea of undergoing surgery in a foreign country, with language barriers and cultural differences, to be particularly daunting. This is recognized by many clinics, who offer services to their international patients which aim to make the trip run as smoothly as possible. Services to look out for when researching clinics include translation and interpretation, airport transfers, hotel booking, car rental booking, sightseeing tours, and currency exchange. A clinic which offers these kinds of services will usually be well-equipped to handle patients who are traveling from abroad.

Liposuction cost by area of the body

With different areas of the body holding varying densities of fat deposits and differing in how accessible they are surgically, the price of liposuction changes depending on which area it is performed on. Liposuction on the hips, for example, costs over twice as much as the lower back. To provide an idea of the different price structures, the following are examples of liposuction procedures in Thailand:

ChinLower backAbdomenArmsNeckTummy

Liposuction patient story

David suffered from his condition for a total of 2 years and started to look into different options 6 months prior to taking his final decision. He expressed a positive feedback about the assistance provided by the care team, especially, concerning the general correspondence, the flexible dates that were given to him and the payment options.

Liposuction patient story

Although, David admits being very worried before the traveling for the treatment. He was worried and felt quite nervous because it was his 1st time abroad, he traveled alone and didn’t really knew what to expect. But he managed to deal with his nerves by not overthinking the situation and prior to his 1st appointment, he managed to enjoy 2 nights in Bangkok which helped him a lot.

During his treatment trip, David was very pleased with the service given by the hospital. His worries were put at ease with a professional and well-organized hospital. He was very surprised with the quality of service which was opposite to what is shown on Australian media. Furthermore, he was very happy with the fact that he could in any time contact MEDIGO if he would face any issues.

About his overall experience, David stated that he would absolutely recommend MEDIGO to his relatives and friends. He thinks that it’s far more convenient than having his treatment done in Australia.

“Do your own research, go in with an open mind and don’t let other’s negative experience affect your judgment”David traveled from Australia to Thailand

How does liposuction work?

Liposuction involves the removal of excess fat deposits and tissue from the body, with the aim of reshaping the contours of the body according to your aesthetic wishes. Liposuction is an effective way of addressing issues that arise from having excess body fat such as low self-esteem and lack of body confidence, but is by no means a suitable method for treating obesity.

Liposuction is usually performed using local anesthetic, though in cases that require a large amount of fat removal in multiple areas, general anesthetic can be used. The procedure begins with a small incision around the area where the fat will be removed. Thin tubes are then inserted into the incisions, which are guided towards the fatty deposits. Attached to a vacuum-type machine, the tubes then suck the fat deposits from the body and dispose of them.

Once the procedure is finished, the incision sites are wrapped in elasticated bandages to reduce swelling and bruising, which can be removed after about 4-5 weeks. Bruises will remain for as long as 10 days and small leakages of fluid from the incisions are to be expected.

The most common technique is tumescent liposuction, which involves the injection of fluids into the area before surgery and allows for minimal blood loss and easier extraction of fat deposits. Tumescent liposuction also ensures that the entire area being operated on is numbed using local anesthetic, eliminating the need for general anesthesia.

VASERlipo is a new technology which allows for a shorter recovery time and less loose skin following the procedure. The procedure works using a combination of ultrasound waves and the injection of a saline solution. The ultrasound brings more accurate results, reducing the amount of damage caused to surrounding tissues and ensuring only the desired fat deposits are removed. The VASERlipo procedure will cost around 25% more than traditional liposuction.

Is liposuction right for me?

Liposuction is a procedure undergone by a diverse range of people with differing goals. Some people are unhappy with their small deposits of fat and simply want to have greater definition in the shape of their body. On the other hand, liposuction can form part of a sustained weight-loss program for morbidly obese patients, with liposuction one of the final stages after significant weight has been lost. Liposuction can also be used alongside abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) for effective body reshaping.

159_Breast Augmentation_02 (1)

It is important to be realistic with liposuction and accept that it is not a suitable solution for obesity. Liposuction is most appropriate for those who are only slightly heavier than their ideal weight and struggle to lose this weight through conventional dieting and exercise.

If you have already lost a lot of weight and have sagging or loose skin, then liposuction may not be suitable for you. For excess skin removal, procedures such abdominoplasty and body lift may be more appropriate. Liposuction is also unable to treat or remove cellulite.