Have you ever thought about going for liposuction? You're not alone.

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic and cosmetic treatments.

The first question patients ask is usually about cost.

Liposuction is a diverse procedure performed on almost any part of the body. This means it's not always easy to get an accurate idea of how much liposuction could cost you.

If you're feeling confused about the cost of liposuction, this guide is designed to clear up any uncertainty.


How much does liposuction cost?


Liposuction must be carried out by a certified plastic surgeon and requires a significant amount of skill and expertise. As a result, the cost of liposuction can be expensive.

The majority of patients go for liposuction because they are unhappy with their appearance. The ultimate goal of the procedure is to improve self confidence. It's important to remember that you're making an investment in your future wellbeing.

The cost of liposuction varies significantly around the world, and it's important to understand the what affects the end price.

These are the main factors which affect the cost of liposuction:

  • Number of areas. Liposuction can be performed on pretty much any area of the body. The more areas you want surgery on, the higher the cost will be.
  • Amount of fat. A greater amount of fat requires a longer procedure and will cost more.
  • Destination. Some countries are more expensive than others, but this isn't necessarily a reflection of quality.

The final price of liposuction depends on your own personal circumstances and preferences, so it can be hard to get an estimate without first consulting with a plastic surgeon.

Our Patient Care Team work with surgeons across the globe to get accurate quotes for patients on a daily basis.

So how much does liposuction cost? Based on our years of experience in handling liposuction inquiries, here's a selection of average costs around the world.

Liposuction in the US

In the United States, liposuction will cost anywhere between $4,000 for 1 area and $12,000 for 3 areas.

Most insurances do not cover liposuction. There are also many hidden fees associated with liposuction in the United States.  Anesthesia and bandages, for example, aren't always included in the final quote.


Liposuction in the UK

Liposuction can only be found on the NHS in special cases, usually when the liposuction forms part of reconstructive surgery or to treat conditions such as lymphoedema.

To qualify for liposuction on the NHS, you must first undergo a series of consultations with your GP. The doctor then refers you to a cosmetic surgeon,and an NHS psychologist to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

With private clinics in the UK, a liposuction procedure starts at around £2,700 ($3,855). For more complex procedures on multiple areas of the body, you will pay up to £10,000 ($14,200).


Liposuction in Australia

Usually you will need to cover the full cost yourself. Some private medical insurances may cover a portion of the cost of liposuction, depending on how much you have already paid in.

For surgery in one area of the body, it costs around $4,000, whilst 4 or more areas of the body cost as much as $15,000.


Where are the best liposuction deals around the world?


Dr. Molnar is one of Hungary's leading plastic surgeons, with many years of experience treating international patients. Here's an example of what liposuction by area costs at his clinic.


Thousands of patients each year make the short trip across the border into Mexico for liposuction. Make an inquiry with us today to make sure you're contacting a certified plastic surgeon.


Great deals in Bangkok.

What influences the cost of liposuction?

Getting an accurate idea of the potential cost of liposuction is difficult. Prices differ depending on the amount of fat, the location of the fat, any previous cosmetic surgery and the area of surgery. There is, therefore, no set price for liposuction.

Many different factors influence the price. The final cost of liposuction depends entirely upon the wishes of the individual patient – you can spend as much or as little as you want.

Liposuction in multiple areas of the body costs more.

If there is a particularly large amount of fat to be removed this will also push the cost up. Easily-accessible areas such as the buttocks, the outside of the thighs and the waist tend to be cheaper. More complicated areas such as the abdomen, the inside of the thighs, and the breasts cost more.

Liposuction - MEDIGO The weight of the patient is also an influencing factor. A heavy patient is likely to have a greater amount of fat deposits, increasing the time and level of expertise needed to remove them.

Excess skin left over after weight loss also affects the cost. If you have already undergone liposuction in the past, the cost of any further liposuction procedures will increase. This is due to the scar tissue left behind by previous surgery, which complicates the process of fat removal.

Surgeon experience is another factor to consider when calculating the cost of liposuction. A surgeon with an outstanding reputation will cost significantly more than a less-experienced doctor.


Liposuction patient story

David suffered from his condition for a total of 2 years and started to look into different options 6 months prior to taking his final decision.

Liposuction patient story David admits being very worried before the traveling for the treatment. He was worried and felt quite nervous because it was his 1st time abroad, he traveled alone and didn’t really knew what to expect. But he managed to deal with his nerves by not overthinking the situation and prior to his 1st appointment, he managed to enjoy 2 nights in Bangkok which helped him a lot.

During his treatment trip, David was very pleased with the service given by the hospital. His worries were put at ease with a professional and well-organized hospital. He was very surprised with the quality of service which was opposite to what is shown on Australian media. Furthermore, he was very happy with the fact that he could in any time contact MEDIGO if he would face any issues.

About his overall experience, David stated that he would absolutely recommend medical travel to his relatives and friends. He thinks that it’s far more convenient than having his treatment done in Australia.

“Do your own research, go in with an open mind and don’t let other’s negative experience affect your judgment”

Is liposuction safe?

One of the most frequent concerns about traveling for liposuction is safety. It is important to look for international accreditations such as JCI (Joint Commission International) whilst searching for a clinic, as well as the qualifications and experience of the surgeon.

Patient reviews are another good indicator of the quality of the clinic, and are the most honest and clear judgement of the level of care.

International accreditations are important as the healthcare standards of national accrediting bodies can vary dramatically between countries.

Language barriers and cultural differences can also be daunting. Many clinics offer services to their international patients which aim to make the trip as smooth as possible.

Services to look out for when researching clinics include translation and interpretation, airport transfers, hotel booking, car rental booking, sightseeing tours, and currency exchange. These clinics are well-equipped to handle patients who are traveling from abroad.

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