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Tips for treatment abroad, including costs of popular procedures and things international patients should consider.


Our world-famous infographics in various languages may not actually be world-famous, but they are pretty good.

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Our latest addition: UK-focused posts about companies' health benefit offerings.

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Find out more about our mission to help individuals and organizations navigate healthcare systems worldwide, as well as our full range of services.

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The Rise of the Self-Paying Patient

The Rise of the Self-Paying Patient

The days of visiting your local GP every few months or when you feel a bit under the weather are over. Healthcare as an industry is changing faster than ever before, leaping forward with new methodologies both at the point of delivery and at the point of access....

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Finding the Best Health Benefits for Employees

Finding the Best Health Benefits for Employees

Healthcare is complicated. We at Medigo know that just as well as anyone – we've helped hundreds of thousands of patients find the medical care they needed. But healthcare takes on another level of complexity when it's not just your health needs that you're looking...

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