MEDIGO patient Lisa was so happy with her experience, she wanted to share it. This is her story.

MEDIGO Patient Story

"I couldn't be happier with the results, they're just perfect"

🏠 From: London, UK

✈️ To: Budapest, Hungary

➕ For: Breast Implants

🏥 At: Dr Molnar Clinic


It's something that any mum can relate to. I had a baby and things weren't quite where they were supposed to be. So I did something about it.

Can't afford? Look abroad!

I started to look into the price of breast implants and breast lift in the UK and the lowest price I found was around £8,000 – which I just couldn't afford. Having worked for a number of years in the travel industry, I knew all about the growth of medical tourism but the idea of actually going abroad for surgery had never crossed my mind.

After a bit of research into my options abroad I came across MEDIGO. Their website and service looked professional so I made an inquiry. The MEDIGO team were quick to respond and took my concerns seriously, and they also recommended Dr Molnar's clinic in Budapest. I still wasn't 100% sure, but I read that Hungary has really good surgeons and did my research. MEDIGO were really good and made me confident in choosing Dr. Molnar.

The facilities were great

When I got there and met Dr Molnar he made me feel really comfortable. The facilities were absolutely five-star and I stayed at a hotel next door, making it easy to get between my room and the clinic. It surpassed all my expectations. Dr Molnar even came to my hotel to check if I needed anything.

The other staff were really lovely, I can't fault them. They all spoke good English and I could communicate well with them. I honestly think I was treated better than I would have been back home.

Plastic Surgery Clinic in Hungary

Lisa went to the Dr. Molnar Clinic in Budapest


The recovery

I felt pretty tired in the days after surgery and wasn't able to do too much sightseeing, but Budapest is a beautiful city which I would recommend to anyone. I thought about going to Hungary alone, but in the end I took my partner with me and I'm very glad I did. Without somebody there with me I would have struggled to get through the first days of my recovery.

Above all, my biggest piece of advice for anyone going for plastic surgery is to take a friend or partner with you. Make sure you've done your research and prepare yourself for after the surgery.

The results

As for the results, I couldn't be happier. Initially I was only going for a breast lift, but after the consultation with Dr Molnar he suggested that implants would give me the best chance of achieving the results I wanted. I was always a bit of a worrier but I'm actually very glad I went through with it. It was a fraction of the cost of what I would pay in the UK and the standard was just as good, if not better.

Overall, I was very happy with the outcome of my surgery and I'm not ruling out some more plastic surgery in the future. Whatever I decide to go for next, I'd definitely go through MEDIGO again.

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