"We looked here for dental care in the US, and gosh, it was going to be a lot of money."
Dental Care Mexico - Patient Story

🏠 From: Alaska, USA  πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

✈️ To: Los Algodones, Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

βž• For: Extraction, Dental Implants

πŸ₯ At: Sani Dental Group

Cigarettes and coffee

I didn't take care of my teeth. Drinking so much coffee and smoking so many cigarettes every day really wore me down. I was suffering from damage that made it hard for me to eat solid foods. I was ashamed of my smile and couldn't even recognize myself in the mirror.This all lead to periodontal gum disease. I couldn't take any more of the pain. My partner suggested that I look for dental treatment to cure my aching gums and teeth.
"I was having problems with my teeth and my gums were receding. My teeth looked terrible. And I was losing them too! My smile wasn't what I recognized. I didn't like it."

Crazy US prices

At first I inquired with dentists back home in Alaska, but I was shocked at their price quotes for the procedures. I was losing all hope until a friend of mine suggested I take a look at the cost of dental care in Mexico.We did a good bit of research and came across MEDIGO. They looked like a trusted source to coordinate dental travel. I couldn't believe the difference in price at the Mexican clinics, and they were so close to the American border!
"We started doing our research about alternatives and the cost-effectiveness of going abroad to get it done."

The service was great

I scheduled an appointment and ended up getting 19 teeth pulled, a full set of implants, and other restorations to whatever natural teeth I had left! I felt at home at Sani Dental Group and was touched at the personal service the entire staff gave me throughout the stay. In addition to the dental care, the clinic let me use the nearby hacienda where patients can relax and recover.
Sani Dental in Los Algodones

Sani Dental Group in Los Algodones, Mexico

Los Algodones isn't so scary!

I read some bad things about Los Algodones, but I felt safe the entire time I was in Mexico. The clinic even made sure there was someone with me to show me the sights and take me around town. The quality of care was even better than that in the US. At one time I had three surgeons tending to me and they each took the time to answer all of my questions and walk me through the treatment plan.
"In the US, they want to get you in there and find out what's the matter and then send you out real quick. But in Mexico, they take the time to find out what's wrong, and the time to listen to your personal concerns and talk you through everything. If I asked for something, they would show me, they would tell me."

What's Los Algodones like?

Get the lowdown on this dental tourism paradise with our patient guide.

Ice cream for days

I had no pain during surgery, or even after. It was just a bit swollen. The only thing I remember is getting out of there and being able to eat ice cream for days!Today, my mouth's healed and I'm waiting for my next trip back to Sani Dental to get the new teeth permanently implanted. I'd recommend MEDIGO to anyone that is interested in traveling to Mexico for dental work. The guys at the Care Team gave quick and clear communication with me the whole time, they were great.
"If someone is considering going abroad for care, I highly recommend that they first talk to MEDIGO before they go anywhere."

Dentistry in Mexico

Many US and Canadian patients are anxious about traveling to Mexico for dentistry, but by using a facilitator such as MEDIGO can ensure that you receive quality treatment with an accredited dentist. If you've had issues with your teeth but can't afford treatment at home, why not look into going to Mexico?

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