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Last updated: August 2019


B.Care Medical Center

Large city center hospital with onsite restaurant and shopping


Excellent quality of care and tremendous value

I went to B. Care for a forehead lift and upper and lower eye procedures. The facility provided a top tier plastic surgeon plus high quality after care. I stayed overnight in the hospital and was well taken care of. The onsite Starbucks definitely helps.

Though the location is not convenient in terms of Bangkok, the price is over 50% of the cost versus Bangkok Hospital or Bumrungard Hospital. I would definitely recommend the minor inconvenience of having to travel. Overall it was top tier quality at 25% of the cost in NYC or Hong Kong. Highly recommend.

– Reuben from Hong Kong

Facelift, B.Care Medical Center

Combining first-class skills with superior care and you get five-star results 

Dr Anuchit, your surgeon and Dr Elena, the director and coordinator of your service, along with Mary, your personal care nurse, make an awesome team. Together, their personalized care and skills made my whole experience exceedingly memorable.

Having both a Face/Neck lift and 6 point Vaser liposuction at the same time required 7 hours and extreme care by Dr Anuchit. The results, I'm happy to say, are impressive with no complications. The long operating time required a 3 night stay in the hospital. The hospital staff was awesome and Mary stayed with me throughout the nights diligently applying cold compresses on my eyes every few hours. Dr Elena and Mary provided inordinate care and personal service. A fabulous team!

Cost were within expectations and Dr Elena provided a detailed list of all expenses incurred. The hospital is located just north of Bangkok but is easy and inexpensive to travel to from central Bangkok. Everything considered, I highly recommend this team and B Care Medical if you are considering plastic surgery.

– Dale from the US

Liposuction, B.Care Medical Center

I have my dream boobs!

The whole experience was superb. I understood everything from the very beginning to the end. Dr Anuchit's made me comfortable together with Dr Elena, and don't even get me started with Mary! Haha poor nurse would stay up all night ensuring I was fine, she fed me, it really felt like home away from home.

Actually felt sad when I had to leave. If I was ever decide to do anything else I'd definitely go back to B Care Medical Center.

– Anonymous patient from South Africa (We ask patients if they prefer to stay anonymous when posting a review)

Breast lift, B.Care Medical Center

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Bangpakok 9 International Hospital

Bangkok's renowned multi-specialty hospital

I'm so happy to have had my surgery at Bangpakok

MEDIGO is really good! My trip manager was amazing. She did a really great job! The communication with her was easy and really professional. The Bangpakok 9 hospital is really good.

All of the staff, nurse, doctors were amazing. The service, my room, the driver, the food was a good experience. My operation ( liposuction 10 points) went really well and I'm so happy to have had my surgery at Bangpakok 9.

– Maelle from Australia

Liposuction at, Bangpakok 9

Left a number of unanswered questions

Yes there was one major disappointment being amount of post surgery doctor contact. Especially with cosmetic surgery what you see after surgery will unlikely be how it will appear months later – in my case I'm unsure about what changes will continue to take place.

Very surprised the doctor was not there at the final discharge examination – I could of easily fitted in with the doctors schedule. Has just left a number of unanswered questions not quite knowing how it will finally look after the swelling subsides.

– Jeff from Australia

Neck lift at Bangpakok 9

Great experience

My surgery was amazing, all the time Medigo helped me to keep me in contact for any questions with the hospital, Sami [from Medigo] is a very good person and his help was essential.

Bangpakok 9 is a very great hospital – clean and comfortable, I never felt lonely. My surgeon, Dr. Pornthep, is absolutely the best!!! Love him and his job on me ! All the nurses were very kind and made me feel like home.

I'm really happy ! Thank you so much for everything !

– Nicole from Italy

Breast implants at Bangpakok 9

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Couldn't be happier

At first I was extremely nervous about having a medical procedure overseas, but these nerves were soon put to ease upon being greeted at Bangpakok 9 hospital by an extremely professional and friendly team of nurses. Everything from pre-operative checkup to post-surgery recovery ran like clock-work.

I couldn't be happier with the treatment I received and it has exceeded my exceptions as well as challenged all the misconceptions I had previously about medical tourism. Very grateful for the team at Bangpakok 9 for providing such a wonderful experience.

Would also like to thank Rohan from the Medigo team. The correspondence I received in the months leading up to my procedure was extremely helpful and would definitely recommend these services.

– Daniel from Australia

Male breast reduction, Bangpakok 9

Excellent experience

The experience for my breast augmentation was amazing, from the first moment we started to look for this procedure. The MEDIGO team helped from the beginning, the doctor and his team was perfect.

The hospital team was waiting for me at the airport, from that moment I feel they took care of me. The hospital location, service, attention…. everything perfect. I recommend for future patients, the MEDIGO team they will do everything for you.

Millions thanks to everybody.

– Daniel from Kazakhstan

Breast augmentation, Bangpakok 9

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Specialists in plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures

Very happy. I look younger

I went there because they are specialists since they do a lot of such procedures on a daily basis. The staff at the clinic was so professional, friendly and welcoming. Very happy. I look younger and my home doctor back in France commented on how it was a job well done. – Guylaine from France

Eyelid Surgery, Nirunda

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Sikarin Hospital

The leading hospital in the east of Bangkok

Friendly staff, great surgeon and wholesome experience!

First, the staff are very helpful and friendly. The hospital itself is clean and the room was great. The Dr and nurse are very attentive and friendly. They are helpful and guide you all the step poor surgery and even after surgery care.

Was a pleasant and wonderful experience for me and my mother.

– Dita from Malaysia

Breast lift, Sikarin Hospital

Extraordinary experience at Sikarin Hospital

The staff at Sikarin go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met and you are totally comfortable. Everything that was quoted for was included in my package plus more than I expected I would receive.
The package was extremely good value for money in comparison to all the other clinics I was quoted for and the treatment, procedure, and facilities were still top class.
The location is a bit far out from where most tourists choose to stay but this is not an issue because they have someone drive you to all your appointments. I am extremely happy with my experience at Sikarin hospital.
– Terri from South Korea

Breast implant revision, Sikarin Hospital

Excellent customer service rendered

1. The staff multilingual staff were helpful and friendly. Nurse Joy provided excellent service before, during and after surgery. Thank you.
2. Dr Sivat is a very good plastic surgeon – humble, helpful and professional.
3. Unfortunately, Sikarin Hospital is far from the city. But Sikarin provides transport to and from the airport, hotel and hospital.
4. It's value for money. Thank you Team International Medical Center!
– Shah from Singapore

Eyebag removal at Sikarin Hospital

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KTOP Clinic

Specialists in Korean plastic surgery techniques 

A very good experience overall

I had an otoplasty on both ears, the price was very competitive, while still maintaining a high quality of care the staff are extremely friendly and attentive and make you feel as comfortable as possible. The operation itself only lasted about an hour but I needed to allocate about half a day to do the whole surgery.
I was under a lot of pain for about 2 days post-op but once they removed my bandages the pain soon subsided. Overall I was very pleased with the results and would recommend K-top clinic for anyone thinking of doing an otoplasty.
– Anonymous patient from China

Otoplasty, KTOP Clinic

KTOP Clinic could not have been better

Dr. Pannawat was a pleasure to meet and deal with. He is so nice.

My nose was broken a few years ago and the repair done in my home country was not ideal. I had nose tip surgery to correct a few things that were causing problems.

My nose after only 3 weeks is working better and looking way better than before. Dr Pannawat and the whole team at K Top were absolutely fabulous. The area that the K Top clinic is situated in is really nice with an excellent supermarket close by, cafes and restaurants. Thanks so much K Top

– Nina from New Zealand

Tip plasty, KTOP Clinic

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Healthy Skin Clinic

Specialists in non-invasive beauty treatments 

Wonderful clinic and staff!

I arrived without securing a parking space, no problem! Had staff valet the car for me! I was treated like royalty! Waited on hand and foot. Every member of staff was kind and courteous.
I never felt like a walking wallet, instead a respected and valued customer.
– Anonymous patient from Thailand

Botox injections, Healthy Skin Clinic

My first ever diamond peel and now I am a big fan

When I visited the clinic I had very little prior knowledge of the diamond peel treatment. I was asked what my overall goal was, which at the time was to brighten my skin after spending a little too much time at the beach without suncream. Tanyawan, who is the owner of the clinic explained all the benefits of the diamond peel treatment to me and I decided to go for it.

The treatment itself lasted about 45 minutes and I got a bonus head and shoulder massage which lasted for 15 minutes. After my treatment Tanyawan gave me free Thai Tea and delicious coconut cake. She apparently offers this to all her clients.

I was overall very very impressed with this clinic and the treatment I received. Even though the diamond peel was relatively inexpensive (around 1,000 THB), they went out of their way to make sure I had a positive experience. I'll definitely return to this clinic next time I am in Phuket.

– Isata (former Medigo employee) from Germany

Microdermabrasion, Healthy Skin Clinic

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Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute

The largest JCI-accredited plastic surgery center on the island 


A very good experience overall

We had an excellent experience with PPSI and would come back. Nice and very friendly support all the time. All arrangements went very well. Doctor made excellent explanations.

– Mega from the UAE

Breast implants, PPSI

You and PPSI

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