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"We're very grateful to the MEDIGO Care Team for their professionalism, superb support and constant helpfulness. All in all, a fantastic partnership!"

patient review Silom Dental, Thailand

"The helpful guidance provided by the MEDIGO team from start to finish exceeded all my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone."

patient review Reg, Canada

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  • Choose from among the highest quality clinics and hospitals
  • Learn more about the doctors and your treatment options
  • Connect with the doctors
  • Get assistance organizing flights, accommodation, aftercare, and more
  • We make sure you travel and return home safely

What is medical travel?

Medical travel is the practice of seeking medical care in a location outside of your permanent residence. It can involve long or short stays for elective treatment or chronic care management.

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MEDIGO carefully selects which clinics and hospitals are listed on our platform. Each clinic and hospital is checked for physician expertise, accreditations and certifications, facility condition, and patient satisfaction.

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