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Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

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Rio Grande Dental treats hundreds of international patients each year and has four treatment rooms. The clinic offers a full range of affordable dentistry treatments, including dental implants, dentures, cosmetic dentistry services, endodontic treatments, extractions, and sinus augmentation.

Prior to treatment, prospective patients can send X-rays, photos, and/or treatment plans to the clinic, so that staff can assess the patient's treatment options. The clinic has free WiFi, and all patients have access to a phone for international calling.

Patients can choose to stay at a hotel in the U.S, with Rio Grande Dental covering transportation to and from the clinic.


The clinic is located in Ciudad Juarez, just 2 km from the U.S. border and 10 km from the Ciudad Juarez International Airport. The airport is accessible via public transport, taxi, or clinic-organized transfer.

Ciudad Juarez is the largest city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua and contains many restaurants, bars, and entertainment options. There is the Museo Casa Juarez, a nineteenth-century building which briefly housed the government in the 1860s. It is now a museum with an exhibition on the history of Mexico and the state of Chihuahua.

Further afield, across the U.S. border, patients often choose to visit the Franklin Mountains State Park, 16 km away, which is home to cacti and desert wildlife such as coyotes and golden eagles.


American Dental Association

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)

Languages spoken

English, Spanish


Airport pickup
Local transportation booking
Free Wifi
Hotel booking
Phone in the room


11 procedures across 2 specialties


(10 procedures)

Bone Graft

+ More
  • A bone graft or bone augmentation may be required for patients who have a soft or thin jaw bone and are having dental implants.

  • 3 - 5 days

    Patients may need to stay longer if they are having a bone graft from the hip bone. A longer stay may also be required for cases where the sinus is affected.

  • Learn more about Bone Graft

Dental Crown

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  • A crown can be used to save a damaged tooth by completely encircling it. In order to attach a crown, the tooth is reduced to a stump which the crown can be cemented onto. Many clinics specialize in natural looking, tooth-colored materials, and patients can choose from a range of materials to suit their budget.

  • 1 weeks

    The time required depends on how long is needed to create the crown or crowns in the laboratory. Clinics with an in-house lab are usually quicker.

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See 5 types of Dental Crown:
Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) Crowns
  from $ 279
Gold Crowns
  from $ 339
Zirconia Crowns
  from $ 416
IPS e.max® All-Ceramic Crowns
  from $ 399
3M Lava™ Crowns
  from $ 399

Dental Implant

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  • A dental implant is a small screw-like device that is placed into the jawbone, to replace a natural tooth. The implant acts like a tooth's roots, and over time the dental implant becomes fused to the natural bone, making it stable.

  • 2 - 3 days

    The first trip usually takes a few days. The second trip may take longer, depending on how long it takes for the crown(s) or bridge to be created.

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See 6 types of Dental Implant:
Dental Implant, Abutment and Crown
  from $ 1,098
  from $ 220
Zirconia Dental Implant
  from $ 1,600
Standard Dental Implant
  from $ 599
Zirconia Abutment
  from $ 400
Dental Implant (Implant Only)
  from $ 599


(1 procedure)


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  • Anesthesia is administered to patients to numb a specific area or to make a patient unconscious while performing a procedure. The main types of anesthesia are local, regional, and general anesthetic. They are sometimes given in combination with one another, as well as in combination with oral or intravenous (IV) sedation.

  • 1 - 2 days

    Patients can travel immediately after local anesthetic. After a general anesthetic, patients can travel as soon as the effects have worn off and their condition is stable.

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See 1 type of Anesthesia procedures:
General Anesthesia
  from $ 669

More about available treatments at Rio Grande Dental

The three most popular procedures at the clinic are dental implants, porcelain-metal crowns, and metal-free crowns. A range of other treatments are also on offer including dentures, tooth-colored fillings, full porcelain CEREC crowns, teeth whitening, gum treatment, extractions, root canal treatment, inlays and onlays, and wisdom teeth extraction.

The clinic utilizes modern and advanced technology in its procedures to achieve the best results, including the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP), and the All-on-4 and All-on-6 treatments for dental implants.



The clinic has a well-trained team that is focused on making sure your entire experience is safe, smooth, and convenient from the consultation to the procedure itself.

It is led by Dr. Jessica Nitardy, who has over 14 years of cosmetic and general dentistry experience and is a graduate of University Autonoma School of Dentistry in Juarez, Mexico. She also has post-doctoral experience in the U.S. An expert in placement and restoration of dental implants, Dr. Nitardy has performed over 5,000 implants.

Both Spanish and English are spoken at the clinic, and there is a patient care department to deal with all administrative needs.

Dr. Jessica Nitardy

  • Specializes in dental implants
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez (UACJ)

Dr. Gerardo Nunez

  • Specializes in cosmetic dentistry
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez (UACJ)

Dr. Horacio de Leon

  • Maxillofacial surgeon at the clinic
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez (UACJ)

Dr. Ricardo Santos

  • Specializes in root canals
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez (UACJ)

Dr. Fabiola Leyva

  • Specializes in dental surgery
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez (UACJ)

Dr. Barrios Castaneda

  • Specializes in anesthesiology
  • Graduated with a degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

Dr. Ricardo Peralta

  • Specializes in periodontics
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez (UACJ)

Valerie Villareal

  • Head of Patient Care department at the clinic

Adriana Rojas

  • Dental assistant at the clinic

Cynthia Skiner

  • Billing Manager at the clinic

Mayra Chavez

  • Dental assistant at the clinic

Osvaldo Nunez

  • Chauffeur at the clinic


  • Overall satisfaction


  • 100

  • 100

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  • 100

  • Amy United States All-on-4


    February 2018

    I have spent my whole life trying to have straight,white, healthy,teeth. I've also spent well over $30,000 on braces, root canals, bridges,and crowns. At 41 years old, I was losing the battle and resigned to the fact that I needed dentures. I cried all the way to the oral surgeon office and had all my teeth pulled. The worst part was the dentures they gave me. The fit was terrible, they did not care about the anesthetics or even the functionality. I was quoted from 5 different dental offices here in the U.S. from $30,000 to $80,000 for eight implants and snap on dentures. I found Rio Grande Dental, called and spoke with Lori. She answered ALL of my questions, helped me with travel arrangements, and I traveled there and had the implants placed. The driver, Ozzy, picked us up, drove us to and from the hotel and helped us at the pharmacy. He was amazing. Dr. Jessica Nitardy was highly skilled, and I immediately trusted that she understood my needs in wanting something better than dentures, being a 40 yr old woman. I have been healing for over 4 months and have my return appointment at the end of this month (January), I am so excited to get my porcelain implants! I cannot tell you how long I've waited for that day. I have so many people who know what all I've been through and I'm so excited to show them my perfect teeth. Do not hesitate to call Rio Grande Dental, there is no reason In the world to pay outrageous prices and still get dentures in the U.S. I am so glad I found Rio Grande Dental. Much love from Oklahoma!

    Amy, United States All-on-4
  • Jay United States Dental Implant Crown


    December 2017

    Dr. Fabiola and Ms. Cynthia are amazing. I just recently had visited Rio Grande Dental for a implant and crown. All went fantastic and it was definitely worth the six hour drive from Lubbock. I got mad love for yall and look forward to my next appointment and trip to Juarez. ; )

    Jay, United States Dental Implant Crown

The clinic was visited by a member of the MEDIGO Team

Dr. Jessica Nitardy is exceptional in the treatment and services she offers to patients. She has over 14 years of experience with patients from the US and Canada and makes patients feel at ease. Really nice staff, everyone speaks English.