Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland



The clinic's experienced team of professionals work with international patients on a daily basis. These patients travel vast distances to obtain high quality treatments in: cosmetic dentistry, dental surgeries, implants, and orthodontics.

Using advanced medical equipment, the team strives to carry out procedures with the utmost care and safety. To ensure maximum comfort during procedures, they utilize The Wand, which is a sophisticated computerized anesthesia system. The clinic is accredited by both the Polish Chamber of Physicians and the Regional Chamber of Physicians. The staff are active members of the following associations: DGOI (German Association for Oral Implantology), ICOI (The International Congress of Oral ImplantologistsI) and PSI (Polish Society of Implantology).

AlbusDent clinic also offer treatments for teeth whitening and prosthetics.


Krakow, once the capital of Poland, is one of the oldest and picturesque cities in the country. The city was named the European Capital of Culture for the year 2000 by the European Union. Krakow is home to over 25 museums and public art galleries featuring works such as ""Lady with an Ermine"" by Leonardo da Vinci and ""Landscape with Good Samaritan"" by Rembrandt.

In addition to the museums, old European architecture and cultural history, the city also has a handful of famous theatres, with world class performances taking place year round.

AlbusDent is located only a short drive away from the city center, or 20 minutes away by tram.


Naczelna Izba Lekarska

Okregowa Izba Lekarska

Polskie Stowarzyszenie Implantologiczne

Languages spoken

German, French, English, Polish, Russian


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17 procedures across 2 specialties


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  • The All-on-4 dental implant treatment was designed by Nobel Biocare, and is used to replace an entire upper or lower set of teeth. The procedure creates a permanent prosthesis by using four dental implants that act as an anchor for a bridge or overdenture of 12-to-14 teeth.

    The dentist performs or examines diagnostic tests (such as panoramic X-rays and a CT scan) to assess the patient's jaw bone density. These scans are then often followed up by computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (known as CAD/CAM) processes that plan the All-on-4 procedure and allow the dentist to precisely insert the dental implants into the jaw.

  • 1 weeks
  • Learn more about All-on-4


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  • Metal and crystal braces available.

  • 1 - 4 days

    This time is required per trip. Patients need several trips to get the braces adjusted, unless an orthodontist at home can offer follow-up care.

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See 2 types of Braces:
Fixed Metal Braces
Crystal Braces

Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

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  • Anesthesia is administered to patients to numb a specific area or to make a patient unconscious while performing a procedure. The main types of anesthesia are local, regional, and general anesthetic. They are sometimes given in combination with one another, as well as in combination with oral or intravenous (IV) sedation.

  • 1 - 2 days

    Patients can travel immediately after local anesthetic. After a general anesthetic, patients can travel as soon as the effects have worn off and their condition is stable.

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More about available treatments at Albusdent

Distinguished by a highly qualified medical staff, advanced equipment and materials, the AlbusDent clinic offers dental work at affordable reasonable prices.

The clean and colorful facilities provide a comfortable environment for patient's dental needs.

This clinic has received accreditation from the AB Superior Implant Technology, Beyond® Whitening, Biomet 3i® for implants and Geistlich® for bio materials and bone grafting procedures.

The team offers its patients panoramic x-rays, digitally administered anesthesia, composite filling, root canal treatments, dentures, crowns and braces, and many additional treatments.



Members of the professionally trained team of 17 at AlbusDent has studied at top universities such as Jagiellonian University in Krakow and at the Medical University in Lublin. The team is constantly expanding and modernizing their knowledge base through continued training and education.

The dental team is made up of eight dentists, four dental assistants, and three radiologist technicians. Staff at the clinic speak Polish, English, French, German, and Russian.

Dr. Natalia Prysyazhna

  • Specializes in pedodontics, endodontics, and conservative dentistry
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry (DDS) from the National Medical University
  • Speaks English, Ukrainian, and Russian

Dr. Anna Pytlik

  • Specializes in cosmetic dentistry and prosthetics
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry (DDS) from the Medical Academy in Lodz
  • Speaks English and Polish

Dr. Adam Dabrowski

  • Specializes in conservative and cosmetic dentistry
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry (DDS) from the Medical University of Bialystok in 2011
  • Speaks English and Polish

Dr. Marcin Sadkowski

  • Specializes in cosmetic conservative dentistry, endodontics, and pedodontics
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry (DDS) from the Medical University of Lublin in 2010

Dr. Marcin Kotowski

  • Specializes in oral surgery and implantology
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry (DDS) from the Medical University of Silesia, Katowice
  • Currently studying in a PhD program at the Medical University of Silesia, Katowice
  • Member of the German Society of Oral Implantology (DGOI), the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), and Polish Association of Implantology (PSI)
  • Speaks English

Dr. Elzbieta Geroch-Kulka

  • Specializes in endodontics
  • Graduated with a degree in dentistry from Jagiellonian University, Krakow
  • Speaks English

Dr. Karolina Kownacka

  • Specializes in cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics
  • Graduated with an MD and PhD from Jagiellonian University Medical College
  • Completed specialized courses and training in Poland, Sweden and the US
  • Speaks English and Polish

Dr. Daniel Szram

  • Specializes in maxillofacial surgery, implantology and prosthetics
  • Experience working at the head and neck cancer unit of the Oncology Center in Warsaw since 2011
  • Speaks English
Dentistry Maxillofacial Surgery Implantology

Magdalena Matoga

  • International patient coordinator

Dr Andrzej Miter

  • Specializes in conservative dentistry and endodontics
  • Speaks English


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  • An excellent experience overall
    Patient name hidden Poland Dentistry Consultation

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    March 2018

    I went to the appointment and I am very satisfied with both the result and the help I recieved from you and the people at the dental clinic! Thank you!

    Patient name hidden Poland Dentistry Consultation
  • Easy, fast and professional
    Frederic Germany Teeth Cleaning

    Verified Review This review was provided by a patient that booked using the MEDIGO platform. It was submitted through our internal review system and is 100% genuine


    September 2015

    The clinic is located only 10 minutes away from the city center. Once I got there, Johanna took care of everything and I went through the treatment as planned : started with an x-ray, then went for my teeth cleaning. The whole treatment took less than an hour and after everything was done, I could freely discuss with the dentist about general dental health. I didn't feel any pain or discomfort after the treatment and could go back home without any issues.

    Frederic , Germany Teeth Cleaning

The clinic was visited by a Medigo team member

I had a 20-minute tram ride to get there from the city center, followed by a 5-minute walk. A large sign on the facade made it easy for me to find the clinic. The dental practice is on the second floor with elevator. The practice had a refined interior design and struck me as very spacious and bright thanks to the large windows. The equipment seemed to be top-notch as well - in line with the modern professional feel of the clinic.