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Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland



Through constant training, education and continuous sharpening of their skills, the team at Prestige Clinic offers a full range of medical procedures in the fields of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic dermatology.

The clinic receives patients from around the world, providing services like breast enhancements and enlargement, facelifts, fat transplantation, abdominoplasty and ear corrections.

The clinic provides a pleasant atmosphere and luxurious interiors. Equipped with a modern operating theatre that is composed of two operating rooms and preparatory room, patient rooms are equipped with nurse calling functions, a tv set, telephone and bathroom.

There is also a help in the organization of arrival and stay in Wrocław. Transport to and from the airport or hotel booking will guarantee the full planning of the stay.


Located in Wroclaw, Poland, the clinic is easily accessible. Situated near the ring road of Wrocław, takes about 5 minutes to get from the ring road to the clinic and about 15 minutes to arrive from the Copernicus Airport.

The city of Wroclaw, the fourth largest in all of Poland and once a part of the German Empire, is home to some very unique architectural treats and a diverse culture.

Visitors to the city frequent the colorful Market Square in the historical district. Other things worth noting are the over 100 bridges and parks, Centennial Hall, the popular zoo, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the royal palace or the Wroclaw Town Hall - all located about a 20 minute drive from the clinic.

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English, Polish


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18 procedures across 4 specialties

>Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

(15 procedures)

Arm Lift

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  • An arm lift, also referred to as a brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure to firm and reshape the upper arms. The surgeon may use liposuction to remove excess fat and skin and reposition the remaining skin to tighten it.

  • 1 weeks

    The patient might have to stay until the sutures can be removed, and should ask the surgeon. It should be possible to fly home within 7 to 10 days.

  • Learn more about Arm Lift

Breast Augmentation

+ More
  • Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to change the size and shape of the breasts. While many patients opt to have breast implants inserted to increase breast size, breast augmentation more commonly refers to the enlargement of the breasts using fat transfer.

  • 1 weeks
  • Learn more about Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants

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(1 procedure)

Chemical Peel

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  • A chemical peel is the use of a combination of acids to remove the top layers of the skin. Over the course of a few days, the skin begins to peel and the skin which grows back is smoother and younger looking.

  • Learn more about Chemical Peel


(1 procedure)


+ More
  • Dermabrasion is a skin treatment which uses friction to remove the upper layers of skin. Once the top layers of the skin are removed, it stimulates the growth of new skin to replace the damaged skin once the wound heals, which is smoother skin.

  • 1 - 2 days
  • Learn more about Dermabrasion

>Hair Restoration

(1 procedure)

Hair Transplant

+ More
  • This is the price for 2,000 hair grafts. Most patients require between 1500 and 3000, and your personal quote will fluctuate accordingly.

  • 3 days

    Patients can usually fly afterwards, however the procedure may require several sessions.

  • Learn more about Hair Transplant

More about available treatments at Prestige Skin Clinic

The clinic specializes in multiple cosmetic surgeries, being breast enhancement, breast enlargement, facelift, fat transplantation, abdominoplasty, and ear correction the most popular.

Prestige's facelift work, allows patients to feel more comfortable and youthful in the skin they're in. The procedure is designed to rejuvenate the face and neck by removing wrinkles and sagging skin, restoring original firmness.

Breast enlargements, aim to change the size and shape of breast. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and involves breast prosthesis.

Prestige clinic also offers hair transplant, only needing control visit in the following days, and avoiding the hospitalization.



Lead by Dr. Piotr Rataj and Dr. Aneta Madej, all procedures are performed by a team of professional surgeons and in accordance with the standards held in the EU and the US. Their surgeons operate in housed in the accredited medical facilities of the Prestige Clinique. The close-knit team of nurses provides pre- and post-operative care.

The friendly staff also provide post-care in office.

For the convenience of the patients, the staff at Prestige Clinic speak both English and Polish.

Dr. Piotr Rataj, MD, PhD

  • Specializes in general and plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • Founding member of the Polish Society of Reproductive Hair Surgery
  • Member of the Association of Polish Surgeons and the Polish Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Dermosurgery
General Surgery Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery


  • Overall satisfaction


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  • Prestige Clinic and Dr Rataj are excellent and competent
    Patient name hidden Germany Strip Harvesting and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

    Verified Review This review was provided by a patient that booked using the MEDIGO platform. It was submitted through our internal review system and is 100% genuine


    November 2016

    Dr P Rataj is an excellent surgeon. The consultation before the surgery convinced me that I had made the right decision by choosing Prestige Clinic. Dr Rataj's assistant Alicia is an experienced, capable nurse, who made me feel relaxed throughout the procedure. Evelyn explained the post-op care instructions to me and what I could expect during the healing process, so the subsequent swelling and pain did not come as a surprise. The coordination of the apartment and the hair transplant operation was exceptionally well coordinated by Anna. I would recommend future patients to stay in Poland for a few days after the operation for the follow-up consultation/s and to get as much rest as possible.

    Patient name hidden Germany Strip Harvesting and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

The clinic was visited by a Medigo team member

Travelling to the clinic took about 25 minutes on the tram from the city centre of Wroclaw. It was really easy to find, you can see the clinic from the street and there is great access. The equipment used was all good quality, and the staff were helpful.