FIV Center Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

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FIV Center Madrid specializes in reproductive medicine and has an additional branch, FIV Center Aravaca, also located in Madrid.

The clinic is equipped with an embryology laboratory, which is accredited by the European Society of Reproduction and also has its own sperm bank on site.

FIV Center offer an IVF refund program, whereby patients who do not have health insurance can receive 6 IVF treatments for a set price and if all cycles are unsuccessful, they will receive an 80% refund. They also provide a 3 for 2 program, where patients can receive 3 cycles of IVF, if they are not successful on the first or second cycle, for the price of 2 cycles.

The clinic provides online doctor consultations, medical records transfer, interpreter services, free WiFi, a phone available for international calling, and disability accessible rooms.


FIV Center is located 12km away from Madrid-Barajas Airport and can be reached via public transport or by taxi. The nearest public transport to the clinic is the Paradao Metro, line 10 or the 4,5,27,and 147 buses.

The clinic is located in Madrid, the capital city of Spain, with a variety of restaurants within the vicinity. The Royal Palace of Madrid, the Spanish Royal Family's official residence, is a popular tourist attraction located just 6km away from the clinic.

Gran Via, a popular street which is popular for shopping, as well as for a variety of restaurants, is located 6.5km away from the clinic and the National Archaeological Museum of Spain is 5km from the clinic.

Languages spoken

Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


Online doctor consultation
Medical records transfer
Interpreter services
Free Wifi
Phone in the room
Mobility accessible rooms


28 procedures across 6 specialties


(9 procedures)
from $ 1,287


+ More
from $ 468

Cervical Cautery

+ More

>Reproductive Medicine

(15 procedures)
from $ 819

Donor Sperm

+ More


(1 procedure)

>Diagnostic Imaging

(1 procedure)
from $ 211

Pelvic Ultrasound

+ More

>Laboratory Medicine

(1 procedure)
from $ 35

Urine Tests

+ More


(1 procedure)
from $ 1,404

Testicular Biopsy

+ More

More about available treatments at FIV Center Madrid

FIV Center Madrid provide a range of procedures which include artificial insemination, IVF (in vitro fertilization), IVF with ICSI, intrauterine device placement (IUD), egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation, sperm freezing, egg freezing, and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) among others.

The clinic is equipped with an embryology laboratory, meaning all aspects of the reproductive procedures are performed on site. The clinic is also fitted with its own sperm bank, in addition to using external sperm banks.



Dr. Jose Luis Caballero Diaz is the founder and director of the FIV Center and Dr. Gloria Lopez Villalain is the co-director. Both doctors are the leading gynecologists who work with a team of embryologists and laboratory specialists.

Languages spoken at the clinic include English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Arabic.

Dr. Jose Luis Caballero Diaz

  • Founder of FIV Center Madrid
  • Specializes in reproductive medicine, with over 10 years of experience
  • Graduated from University Complutence Madrid
  • Completed his residency at the University Hospital Gregoria Maranon, Madrid
  • Completed a fellowship at McGill University (Montreal, Canada)
Reproductive Medicine In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Dr. Gloria Lopez Villalain

  • Co-director of the FIV Center Madrid
  • Specializes in gynecology
  • Graduated from the University Complutense Madrid
  • Completed a residency at the University Hospital Gregoria Maranon Madrid

Dr. Enrique Alvarez

  • Specializes in urology

Antonio Alcaide Raya

  • Specializes in embriology
Laboratory Medicine

Inaki Arroyos Solaguren

  • Specializes in embriology
Laboratory Medicine

Marta Sanchez de Burgos

  • Laboratory specialist at FIV Center Madrid

Irene Magana Menendez

  • Laboratory specialist at FIV Center Madrid
Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Encarna Mateos Sevillanos

  • Specializes in anesthesiology


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