Sarinya Clinic

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Sarinya Clinic comprises of a team of medical professionals who specialize in improving the effects of skin, hair and body imperfections. They offer advice along with a treatment plan to adhere to each individuals needs. Using sophisticated tools and safety standards, as well as various private treatment rooms, the leading doctor and qualified staff offer an atmosphere which is calming for patients. The technology used by the clinic is approved by the USA and Thai FDA. Sarin Clinic is able to offer competitive prices for treatments that are tailored to each patient's skin problems.


Sarinya Clinic is based in Chiang Mai or the "Rose of the North" in Thailand. The city is a combination of mountains, lush countryside and with it's cosmopolitan atmosphere, it has compelled a community of expats to settle here rather than in Bangkok. The main airport is the Chiang Mai Airport, which is located a ten minute drive from the clinic in Tumbon Suthep, Umphur Muang, and the city center. It is accessed via songteaw and tuk-tuks which are outside the terminal building. It is also connected to the Super-Highway and Chiang Mai-Hod Road using car and the public taxi service.

Just a one hour drive from the clinic is the Courtyard of Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. It paints an archetypal portrait of Chiang Mai, with its gold-plated chedi, which is a burial mound containing Buddhist relics. The temple Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep which was built in 1383, is located on Huai Kaeo Rd, 18 km from the town. It is elevated on the slopes of the granite mountain, Doi Mount Suthep.

A 20-minute walk from the clinic is the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center. It is centrally situated in the old city on Prapokklao Rd, between Rajdumnern Rd and Rajwithee Rd on the Super Highway. The first floor has religious and cultural displays including objects local to northern Thailand. The rooms on the second floor contain historic scenes, which present an early Lanna village, a temple and a train. The museum also showcases Chiang Mai's former Provincial Hall which was built in 1924. In keeping with the rest of the building's postcolonial style, it received a Royal Society of Siamese Architects award for its authentic architectural restoration in 1999.

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10 procedures across 3 specialties

>Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

(3 procedures)

Dermal Fillers

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Varicose Veins Treatment

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  • Varicose vein treatments are designed to relieve symptoms and improve the appearance of unsightly veins, by removing or destroying them. Varicose veins are abnormal veins that have a weakened vein wall, causing the vein to become bigger. They are noticeable on the skin, are blue and purple in color, and appear as swollen or twisted. These abnormal veins are often accompanied by spider veins, which are red capillaries that may surround the varicose veins.

  • 2 - 3 days
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Wrinkle Treatment

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  • The Reborn skin laser uses radiofrequency waves to reduce wrinkles and smoothen the skin. After the procedure the skin will be red for 2-3 hours.

  • 1 - 2 days
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See 1 type of Wrinkle Treatment procedures:
Botox Injections
$ 164 - $ 263


(6 procedures)

Chemical Peel

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  • This biopeel treatment helps the skin to shed the outer layer of skin cells resulting in brighter, healthier skin. It can be done as a one off, or as a package of 5 sessions.

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Laser Hair Removal

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  • Laser hair removal for bikini, chest, abdomen, shoulders or back.

  • 2 days

    It's safe to fly after laser hair removal treatment.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

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  • This procedure is the laser removal of a tattoo.

  • 2 days

    Patients can leave after the treatment, however regular sessions are required, often 7 weeks between each session to allow the area to heal.

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(1 procedure)

Acne Treatment

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More about available treatments at Sarinya Clinic

As well as providing BOTOX treatments, the clinic also utilizes various laser methods. These include the Medlite C6 Laser, the latest technology from the USA. It has proven to be effective in accelerating collagen production, which helps to clear skin imperfections, reduce pore size and make the skin smoother. It is mostly used for blemishes, freckles, black birthmarks, tattoo removal, black pimple marks and imperfect pigments.

There is also a CoolGlide laser, which is an innovative skin laser technology. It repairs the dermis which results in more collagen production and decreases red facial marks or wrinkles. The face has a tighter and smoother look.

Furthermore, an innovative laser technology from Australia is used among European and American dermatologists. These lasers come in 2 wave lengths. The first is called the Yellow beam 578 nm, which diminishes red pigmentation, fixes blood vessels, kills the bacteria which cause acne while healing the skin, and reduces the size of fat glands.

The second is the Green beam 511 nm which aids with pigments on the skin's surface. It evens out dark marks, blemishes and freckles in the first treatment.



Sarinya Clinic was established in 2006 by Dr Jedjunya Siripakkaphant who leads a professional medical team. For 15 years, she has specialized in skin laser, facial design, facial treatments, body, and hair care. All of the lasers and medical equipment used by the clinic are approved by the USA and Thai FDA. The doctors also provide consultations in order to tailor individual treatments for each patient's skin complaints.

Dr Jedjunya Siripakkaphant obtained her doctorate from Chiang Mai University in 1996. She has been awarded various certificates for her specialty. In 2001 she was awarded a certificate in Dermatology from The Suphannahong Dermatology Institute and in 2003 she received one from the Board of Family Medicine. She specializes in skin laser, thread lift, BOTOX fillers and has worked in skin and aesthetic clinics since 2001.

Dr. Jedjunya Siripakkaphant

  • Specializes in aesthetic medicine
  • Graduated from Chiang Mai Universities in 1996
  • Awarded certificates in dermatology from The Suphannahong Dermatology Institute and the Board in Family Medicine
  • Particular expertise in laser therapy, and wrinkle treatments such as Botox
Dermatology Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery


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  • Friendly staff, but unhappy with the results...
    Patient name hidden United States Laser Tattoo Removal

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    January 2016

    The staff at Sarinya is very friendly, but the laser removal has not gone as planned. I developed some scarring after increasing the laser power during my 4th session. It might just be my skin type, but the resultsare definitely not what I was hoping for. Thanks.

    Patient name hidden United States Laser Tattoo Removal
  • A good experience overall
    Patient name hidden Thailand Laser Tattoo Removal

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    August 2015

    Patient name hidden Thailand Laser Tattoo Removal
  • A very good experience overall
    Brad Australia Laser Tattoo Removal

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    August 2015

    The clinic was modern and clean. Staff were well presented and courteous. I believe the standard of both service received and cosmetic procedure to be higher than that which I received in Perth Australia while attending my first 2 treatments.

    Sarinya Clinic will come highly recommended to people I know who find themselves in an unfortunate situation requiring tattoo removal.

    Brad , Australia Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Communication is clear
    Gilford Singapore Botox Injections

    Verified Review This review was provided by a patient that booked using the MEDIGO platform. It was submitted through our internal review system and is 100% genuine


    June 2015

    Good. Doctor provide valuable advice. Communication is clear and the result of the treatment excellent.

    Gilford , Singapore Botox Injections

The clinic was visited by a Medigo team member

The building is brand new and small in size. The staff are very friendly and the doctors are very accommodating, and speak good English.