Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Hidden in fifty acres of bonsai-covered gardens, in the foothills of the Himalayas, lies the Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort. The health center offers a holistic approach to the healing experience, using the Pakua Integrative Health Clinic to facilitate this process.

The clinic's doctors and practitioners focus on improving the wellbeing of its patients' mind, body and spirit. Its ethos draws on the taoist philosophy, as taught by Grand Master Mantak Chia.

The clinic's international team of health specialists employ modern treatments adapted from traditional chinese medicine, including ayurvedic, energy, and allopathic medicine. Furthermore, it orchestrates a unique therapy program to address each individual's needs.


The clinic is situated on the cusp of the mountainous province of Chiang Mai, which is a one hour flight north of Bangkok. It takes a further thirty minutes to drive from Chiang Mai airport to Tao Garden Health Spa. The province sits in a forest-lined valley which is intersected by the Ping River.

In Chiang Mai, there are many leafy streets, old wooden houses, and romantic lakesides. This includes northern Thailand's artificial lake, Kwan Phayaol, where mountains and powerful sunsets complete the pleasant scene.

There are more accessible ruins, which are situated in the north of the city. These were once enclosed by Kamphaeng Phet, which translates to 'Diamond Gate'. Conveniently, there is also a visitor centre which provides information on the cities ruins and it's 40 temples. This also includes Wat Chang Rob, which is a chedi framed by antiquated statues of elephants.


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6 procedures across 2 specialties

>Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

(5 procedures)


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  • Water exercises can improve cardiorespiratory system, muscle strength, balance, flexibility, bone growth. It is a safe way to work with people that are overweight, old people and with those that have joint problems. Individual sessions last 45 minutes.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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  • This lymphatic drainage procedure works to mechanically stimulate lymphatic flow and physiological clearance of waste and toxins in the blood.

Physical Therapy

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  • This is a 50 minute physical therapy session.


(1 procedure)


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  • This 80 minute long full facial treatment includes specific manual techniques to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. A specific product for each skin type is used.

More about available treatments at Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort

The resort now provides a range of holistic health programs. Those which are more geared towards physical fitness include detox, fasting, and weight loss. The clinic also conducts programs for stress relief and chronic pain management.

Furthermore, they offer health consultations for tao signature, healing, traditional Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy, ayurvedic therapies, and beauty treatments.

The clinic also provides a therapeutic ultrasound treatment to reduce back pain. This uses either high or low frequency sound waves, which are applied to the surrounding myofascial tissues in order to sooth muscle ache. The sound waves warm up the muscles, which increases the blood circulation. This in turn reduces any inflammation around the irritated area.

In addition to this, physical therapists also employ techniques such as manipulation, mobilization, and massage.



The Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort is led by Master Mantak Chia. Having studied taoism since childhood, he has been able to master the philosophy, which is now being taught throughout the world.

Master Chia studied western anatomy and medical science for two years, and also the Wu System of Tai Chi with Edward Yee in New York. Following this, he began teaching the Universal Healing Tao System to tens of thousands of students throughout the world, including those who now work at his clinic.

This team is made up of massage therapists, health consultants, structural bodywork practitioners, and traditional chinese medicine specialists, among others.

Master Mantak Chia

Master Mantak Chia is a Taoist Supreme Inner Alchemy & Qi Gong Master. After 40 years worth of study in chinese and thai medicine, western holistic, and ayurvedic indian medicine, he now teaches these massage and healing practices. These all draw on the theory of well being, which includes clean cells, clean blood and good Chi. He established the Healing Tao, Tao Yoga, Universal Healing Tao System and is now the director of the Universal Healing Tao Center and Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort.

Dr. Sheng Zheng Wang

Dr. Sheng Zhong Wang is a world renowned doctor of chinese medicine and acupuncture. He was born and raised in the Quantong Province of China during the cultural revolution. When chinese policy began to change and universities began accepting applicants from outside of the communist party, Dr. Wang survived intense competition and began studying western medicine at Shontou University. After graduating, Dr. Wang then chose to specialize in chinese medicine and acupuncture. Dr. Wang followed through on an opportunity to relocate to Chiang Mai, Thailand where an uncle owned and operated a chinese medicine pharmacy and dispensary. Dr. Wang now oversees the pharmacy which has been in operation for over eighty years and has become a main source of herbs for chinese clinics throughout Thailand. He has had a continuous and successful practice in Chiang Mai for over 22 years.

Prof. Dr. Chiow Piyachon

Dr. Piyachon is both a doctor of western and ayurvedic medicine. He is the president of the Cancer Foundation of Northern Thailand.

Khomsan Jaiban (SAN)

Khomsan Jaiban is both a medical consultant and a medical technologist.

Stefano Beconcini

Stefano Beconcini is a health consultant and structural bodywork practitioner. He has an M.Sc. degree in physics.

Pannisa Aryuyuen

Pannisa Aryuyuen is a health consultant and physical therapist.

Naradar Chanmayom (Aor)

Naradar Chanmayom is a health consultant and a nurse at Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort.



The clinic was visited by a Medigo team member

The clinic is located a 30 minutes drive outside of Chiang Mai Center. Inside, there is an amazing Thai style interior design and an exterior garden. There are beautiful landscaping and relaxing lake areas within the property. The staff are very friendly and traditional Thai.

External Reviews from Google

  • Chris Abbott, July 2019


    I have done quite a few 14 day detoxes there.

    If you are after a sophisticated stylish resort this is not that but if you are after a relaxing quiet retreat then you will love this.

    Walking in and getting a blood test, sitting down with a physician and going over the results is a great way to start a detox, very professional..

    Tao Garden have so many great programs. From Detox, to courses to just going there and chilling out. The place is very spiritual and relaxing. Its set on 80 acres with 40 being there own organic farm with the organic food being so tasty, in fact it was a big step up from last year.

    The staff were so happy and friendly and always smiling. I will be 4 sure telling even more friends about it. As a health retreat goes it was one of the best I had been too in Asia..

    The only thing I could suggest was some Yoga classes. #LetsGuide #healthyfood #spa #retreat #thailand

  • Цигун 108, July 2019


    Very nice veggy food and qigong

  • Nattalia Genao, May 2019


    Wonderful experience! Loved the Darkroom retreat ❤.. only if they had one in the U.S.

  • Hansjoerg Ingelheimer, December 2018


    Wonderful spa and health resort. Paradise land inside Thailand with wonderful garden and plants and flowers. Good to relax and to enjoy time there

  • Art Flea, June 2018


    For we come from Hong Kong, we enjoy very much the stay in Tao Garden. It is not like those luxury hotel, it provides rather basic and simple facilities. But the extensive greenery and close to nature are precious. It is a unique resort for cultivating health. We like the free morning and evening exercises, massage therapy(though price on high side, the therapists are professional) and the healthy meals.

    Staff are helpful and nice, always wear a smile.

    Whilst, standard and furnishing of rooms varied. The steam room is out of order and gym needs some upgrade. The ambience of new juicy bar not very comfortable and hope they could enhance the varieties of drinks and cakes as well as the merchandise items in gift shop.