Dunyagoz Antalya

Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, Turkey

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The Dunyagoz Antalya is the 10th branch of the Dunyagoz Group. Located near the Mediterranean Sea in the heart of the Turkish Riviera, Dunyagoz Group Antalya is a fully-equipped eye health complex serving both local and international patients.

Serving all branches of eye-related pathologies, this hospital has a medical staff comprised of associate professors and specialists, working in 19 departments on a variety of eye conditions. The hospital groups patients into specialized floors depending on their age and treatments needed. This facility offers a high level of standard in accommodation, a large restaurant with international cuisine, valet service, and a free wireless connection.


The Dunyagoz Antalya is 30 minutes from Antalya Airport, an international point of arrival for international and national tourists.

Placed on the south-western coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya is part of the Turkish Riviera and in 2012 became the third most visited city in the world by number of international tourists. It is regarded as the fastest-growing city in Turkey and the area is surrounded by beaches, historical sites, a thriving harbor, and the Old Town.

The Antalya Arkeoloji Muzesi, one of Turkey's largest museums, is only 13 minutes drive from the clinic, and the Gulluk Dagi Termessos Milli Parki, an important historical and archaeological site, is around 50 minutes by car the clinic.


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42 procedures across 2 specialties


(41 procedures)

Amniotic Membrane Transplant

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Anti-VEGF Therapy

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  • Dunyagoz offers a range of Anti-VEGF injections including Lucentis Methotrexate Ozurdex and Altuzan.

>Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

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  • At Dunyagoz this procedure is performed externally or endonasally in which the surgery is performed via the nose resulting in no external scarring.

More about available treatments at Dunyagoz Antalya

Antalya Dunyagoz is an eye-care hospital with Tuv-Sud quality accreditation. The clinic has departments for 19 eye-care specialities, and assists patients for corneal diseases like cataracts - which cannot be treated medically or with eye glasses, but requires a surgical approach. Moreover, it provides assistance for conditions like keratitis, an infectious disorder of the cornea, in which early diagnosis is essential for its treatment.

Furthermore, the Dunyagoz Group is a very active center in the treatment of keratoconus, a cornea disease typically characterized by thinning and cone-like steepening. The clinic also founded the first Keratoconus Diagnosis and Treatment Center in Turkey.



The medical director of the Dunyagoz Group, Prof. Dr. Kazim Devranoglu, has over 25 years of experience in eye-care treatments and is an expert in cataract, cornea, and refractive surgery. Dr. Akin Banaz, Medical Coordinator, has more than 18 years of experience and is an expert in oculoplastic surgery. Amongst the specialist staff at the Antalya center are: Hakan Sivrikaya M.D., who specializes in cataract, general inspection, glaucoma, keratoconus, LASIK, and presbyopia, and Hasan Tekin M.D., who specializes in retina issues and strabismus, a condition where the eyes are not aligned properly with each other.

The Dunyagoz Antalya staff speak 7 different languages, in order to take care of national and international medical tourists.

Dr Kazim Devranoglu

Dr. Kazim Devranoglu Is the medical director of the Dunyagoz Hospitals and has gained 25 years experience in the field of ophtamology. He is an expert in cataract, cornea, and refractive surgery.

General Surgery

Dr. Akin Banaz

Dr. Akin Banaz has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Istanbul University and trained in the Okmeydani Training and Research Hospital of Istanbul . He is the medical coordinator of Dunyagoz Hospitals and gained experience with more than 10.000 cases and 18 years of practice. He is an expert in oculoplastic surgery as well as general inspection.

General Medicine

MD Cengiz Akarsu

Asst. Prof. Cengiz Akarsu is highly experienced and is an expert in Amblyopia, Cataract, Children's Eye Health, Strabismus, General Inspection, Presbyopia, Glaucoma, and Retina.


MD Aylin Koc

Dr. Aylin Koc has graduated from the University Faculty of Medicine in 2003 and then specialized at the Marmara University School of Medicine and Ophthalmology. She is widely skilled in the branches of: Cataract, Uveitis, General Inspection, and Retina. She speaks fluent English.


MD Bayram Yapici

Dr. Bayram Yapici is a graduate of the Ege University Faculty of Medicine and trained at the Trakya University Medical Faculty. He is a specialist in General Inspection, Keratoconus, Lasik, and Presbyopia. He speaks fluent English.


MD Hakan Sivrikaya

Dr. Hakan Sivrikaya has graduated from the Istanbul University at the Faculty of Medicine. Then he proceeded with his education at the Russian Medical Academy, and more precisely, at the Eye-Hospital Moscow. He has 16 years of experience and specializes in LASIK (ISRS-AAO), Intacs Certified Surgery (Keratoconus), Visian ICL (Phakic intraocular lens), and Radial and Arcuate Keratotomy (Fyodorov). He speaks English, German, and Russian.


MD Hasan Tekin

Dr. Hasan Tekin, after graduating from the Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, specialized at the Cerrahpasa University School of Medicine Ophthalmology. He is particularly skilled in the branches of General Inspection, Retina, and Strabismus.


MD Levent Olmez

Dr. Levent Olmez gained his education at the Training and Research Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine of the Ataturk University in Erzum, Turkey, where he developed his skills in Cataract, General Inspection, Glaucoma, Lasik, Oculoplastic Surgery, and Keratoconus.


MD Mehmet Kasimoglu

Dr. Mehmet Kasimoglu studied at the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul and specialized in the Department of Ophtamology. He is particularly skilled in: General Inspection, Lasik, and Presbyopia.


MD Ozer Sahin

Dr. Ozer Sahin, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Hacettepe Karadeniz Technical University Faculty. He speaks English and specializes in Amblyopia, Children's Eye Health, Strabismus, and General Inspection.



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  • Not Quite ready for Western customers.
    Andrew Bahamas Laser Eye Surgery (LASEK)

    Verified Review This review was provided by a patient that booked using the MEDIGO platform. It was submitted through our internal review system and is 100% genuine


    May 2019

    Hello, Over all I am very pleased with the results I obtained. The Surgeon was top class and very professional! He spoke English very well and really knows his profession with a great deal of experience. He answered every question with out guile. Honest and straight forward to guide my expectations accurately. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. A real treasure! Additionally Our English speaking customer service rep was the glue to help bring the whole service together. Very professional and hand working. Friendly manner and forward thinking to our needs! At frist when arriving with our travel suit cases, the front desk staff laughed at us. (Maybe it looked like we wore moving in!) Smiles and greetings were rare and hard to obtain. Maybe modern young people are the same all over! The facilities were more than adequate except there cost saving measures were taken way too far. The patient areas were not airconditioned and dimly lit. The rooms were clean enough and the beds were small adjustable hospitable beds. Bath room was clean. They had the a/c blower running but not the compressors. So you had to open the windows for some cool air. This let in a lot of street noise and dirt! The food was very low standard if not very poor. You had no choice or say in what you were getting. No cereals , eggs etc. Nothing to drink except one shot glass of bitter tea and water. forget juice or coffee. First dinner was a real shock. Canned beans cold, cold white rice. salty Sour yogurt,. Bread roll in plastic bag. No salad or meat. Breakfast was a shocker. 2 slices of cheese. half a tomato sliced 1/4 cucumber sliced. roll. that's it ! every morning. westerners will end up crying for something to eat. Lastly the culture of not knocking when entering the room. They just barge right in! So when you changing they always get a eye full. They also barge in at all times in the night and leave the lights on. So sleeping is non existent especially with the loud street traffic out of the window. I was told that they mainly cater to Russians, Iranians Iraqis and a few Norwegians. My guess is that the cater to a wider range than that. But this was not a hotel. In the end after complaining to the manager every one got friendly and we got some meat for dinner. The Manager was very attentive and polite! The main point is that I got excellent eye care and Results! I no longer needed any reading glasses. Hope this helps in some way!.

    Andrew , Bahamas Laser Eye Surgery (LASEK)
  • Quick and thorough service.
    Joseph United Kingdom Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)

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    February 2019

    Three of us travel together, only two were suitable for treatment. One had laser, and one opted for more expensive lense transplant, which was a more suited treatment for the persons age. Even though the third didn't have treatment, was still allowed the two nights stay for free. Staff were love, even with the broken English. Would recommend others to travel to Turkey for cost effective treatment, on return home saw several people who had had laser hair surgery, so is big business. I also had a large white filling at dentist and stay for 25 pounds, and was done in 15 mins.

    Joseph , United Kingdom Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)
  • Everything went well
    Patient name hidden Turkey Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)

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    November 2018

    The operation was a success and the care is great.

    Patient name hidden Turkey Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)
  • dunyagoz, Istanbul
    Mian Hassan Poland Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)

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    May 2018

    i was operated in dunyagoz, istanbul, and found everything great.

    Mian Hassan , Poland Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)
  • Professional and highly skilled team
    Royston United Kingdom Artificial Iris Implantation

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    December 2017

    Visited clinic twice - once for consultation over three days and second visit for six days for operations on both eyes. Both times I was picked up from and dropped back to the airport by a driver organised by the hospital.

    The staff were both friendly and very knowledgeable and even though there were some language barriers with myself only speaking English, an interpreter was provided for each key meeting and procedure attended.
    My operations were performed by MD Levent Akcay, a first rate eye specialist who I thank very much.
    Aziz Onsal arranged everything from transport to appointments and answered all my queries all in a good time
    again I thank him for all his help.

    I must also add a big thank you to Esra from the medigo care team who was my first point of contact when I first was exploring the possibility of medical tourism she helped with a lot of my questions and advised best place for the outstanding treatment.

    My advice if you are thinking about a medical treatment this hospital and it’s staff are both very good at what they do and will go the extra mile to make sure you get the result you are looking for from whatever procedure you request. A big thank you to everybody that I met and helped me during my time in Turkey by Dunyagoz hospital group Altunizade branch.

    Royston , United Kingdom Artificial Iris Implantation

The clinic was visited by a member of the MEDIGO Team

The clinic sent a driver to take me to and from my hotel, which was very nice. Inside it was small, but highly equipped and modern. The staff were kind and friendly during my time there.