Our mission is to connect patients with hospitals abroad and to support them on their journey to better health. We believe that well-informed patients make better healthcare decisions

Pawel Cebula

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ieva Soblickaite

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Ugur Samut

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Jan Schaefer

Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Tatyana Eliseeva

Head of Business Development

Bruce Eaton

Managing Director - UK

Jacinta O'Meara

Global Network Director

Chakameh Shafii

Head of Product

Matthew Goldsmith

Head of Pricing and Underwriting

Atakan Tublukkan

Network Management

Ivan Dzhupyna

Product Designer

Katharina Yombi

Head of Talent Management

Tatsiana Lesko

Claims Manager

Elisa Fett

Compliance Manager

Laura Moisset

Product Manager

Aurélien Elimane Gueye

Chief Business Officer (CBO)

Stephanie Smaczny

Office Manager

Alyona Larionova

Quality Assurance

Majken Cramer

UI/UX Design

Elizaveta Shramkova

Business Development

Marianna Jolowicz

Head of Brand

Christoph Strasen

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Esra Issa

Patient Case Manager

Vinay Pinto

Software Development

Caroline Canu

Team Lead Operations

Pierre-Jean Vincent

Team Lead Business Intelligence

Utsav Tiwary

Software Development

Samuel Rucker

Destination Manager

Marina Pérez Molina

Patient Case Manager

Daniel Pashanov

Case Management

Valérie Boujon


Alina Rukholakhi

Claims Manager

Azar-Charif Zahouane

Patient Case Manager

Jessica Gamper

Destination Manager

Sami Eric

Team Lead Patient Case Management

Anastasiia Zlobina


Rebecca Groh


Florence Collins

Content Manager

Sara Musso

Patient Case Manager

Donnie Ashok

Software Development

Arber Xhafaj

Claims Manager

Emilie Gray

Claims Manager

Britta Kerinnes

Team Lead Claims

Peter Zernia

Software Development

Sami Salloum

Claims Manager

Xue Wu

Claims Manager

Viktorija Mazonaite

Invoicing Operations Coordinator

Chen Yan Lin

Claims Manager

Anastasiia Letsch

Claims Manager

Johannes Schubeus

Operations Working Student


Your Dream Job


Meet the healthcare revolutionaries. Our advisory board bring years of industry experience and an un-relenting passion for innovation in healthcare. Their advice guides MEDIGO into becoming the best platform and service for its patients, doctors, clinics, and employees.

Christophe Maire

Atlantic Labs, SoundCloud, EyeEm

Daniel Graf

Uber, Twitter, Google Maps, Kyte

Dr. Marty Makary

Johns Hopkins Hospital, World Health Organization

Philipp Klöckner

Rocket Internet, Axel Springer