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Dubai, Emiratos Árabes Unidos

Dubai, Emiratos Árabes Unidos



NOA Dental Clinic provide a complimentary smile makeover consultation with Dr. Paliwalla. In the consultation, the specialist assesses the patient and suggests suitable options for improving the patient's smile. The clinic also offer free dental checkups with Dr. Tania Mumtaz. Dr. Preetham offers free orthodontics consultations, where patients can discuss the options for teeth straightening. At NOA Dental Clinic, patients can choose from metal, ceramic or lingual braces. The clinic can offer its patients a 0% interest free payment plan for up to 12 months through Emirates NBD credit cards.


Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates and is situated within the Arabian Desert. Dubai is also famous for its traditional souk districts which can be found on either side of the stream. Since 2013, Dubai creek has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many boutiques and jewellery stores are located in the city. Dubai earned the nickname "the City of Gold" due to its Gold Souk in Deira houses and almost 250 gold retail shops. There are also many modern examples of Islamic architecture which can be found in and around the city. The UAE culture is mainly based on the the Islamic religion and Arab and Bedouin cultures. In contrast, the city of Dubai is a cosmopolitan society with a dynamic culture. However, the music, attire, and cuisine are still inspired by these historical traditions.

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Inglés, Hindi


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16 procedimientos en Dentistry


(16 procedimientos)

Consulta De Odontología Estética

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Chequeo Dental

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  • Un chequeo dental permite a un dentista examinar los dientes y encías, e identificar cualquier problema antes de que empeoren. En general, los dentistas recomiendan obtener un chequeo cada 6 meses, sin embargo los pacientes de alto riesgo deben ir más a menudo, y los pacientes con dientes más sanos con menor frecuencia. El dentista comprobará la caries de cada diente y los primeros signos de la decadencia. Puede ofrecerse consejos de higiene, programar otra cita o si es necesario un tratamiento de seguimiento.

  • 1 - 2 días

    Los pacientes pueden desear permanecer más tiempo si la revisión destaca problemas, tales como caries que necesiten rellenos.

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Corona Dental


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  • Una corona se puede utilizar para salvar un diente dañado rodeándolo completamente. Con el fin de fijar una corona, el diente se reduce a un muñón y la corona podrá ser cementada al mismo. Muchas clínicas se especializan en buscar el color natural o materiales del color del diente, así los pacientes pueden elegir entre una gama de materiales que se adapten a su presupuesto.

    Una opción común para coronas y puentes es la Metalcerámica (PFM). Éstas son asequibles, y tiene algo de fuerza asociada con una prótesis de metal, así como el aspecto natural de las coronas de porcelana. Sólo hay un borde de metal pequeño que es difícil de notar, sobre todo en los dientes posteriores.

    Para los dientes delanteros, los pacientes podrían querer pagar un poco más por opciones como la porcelana o zirconia, ya que éstas son del color del diente.

  • 1 semanas

    El tiempo necesario depende del tiempo que se necesite para crear la corona o coronas en el laboratorio. Clínicas que cuentan con un laboratorio, suelen ser más rápidas.

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Ver tipos de 2 de Corona Dental procedimientos:
Coronas de Porcelana
Corona de Porcelasna Fundida sobre Metal (PFM)

Obtenga más información acerca de los tratamientos disponibles en Noa Dental Clinic

NOA Dental Clinic offers a variety of dental services ranging from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, children’s dentistry and dental implants. The clinic offers a treatment called the Hollywood Smile which involves creating a 'trial smile'. This can be designed to suit each patient's smile. The clinic also arranges a consultation with a specialist to match the color of the tooth enamel. Hollywood smiles are achieved using porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, and teeth whitening. The clinic specializes in root canal treatment, dental bridges, children's dentistry, dental implants, and orthodontics. A teeth whitening package is offered to patients and includes a teeth whitening consultation, full mouth dental checkup, cleaning and polishing, laser whitening, and a home maintenance kit.



The clinic's senior British dentist Dr. Zul Paliwalla and his highly dedicated team offer a professional, world class dental service. Members of the team have studied at international medical institutions such as King’s College London, University of Helsinki in Finland and in Germany. They are also affiliated with the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. The team is made up of prosthodontist, orthodontists, pedodontists, general and cosmetic dental experts.



Comentarios Externosfrom Google

  • yash jeswani, Diciembre 2019


    Dr Anoop Kumar was fantastic! Made my teeth sparkling clean without any discomfort! Thankyou NOA clinic

  • ling chen, Noviembre 2019


    Dr. Naeem is so professional and thoughtful ! He is the best orthodontist I have ever met. He immediately pointed out my concern and need since the first time I visited him. And during the whole treatment, he demonstrated his undoubtable professional skills. Most importantly, he treats each patient as a friend, which makes us feel very happy and comfortable. Now I finish wearing braces, and I have big lovely smile thanks to him. Highly recommand Dr. Naeem if you ever need orthodontist !

  • Becky Armstrong, Noviembre 2019


    I visited NOA Dental Clinic Dubai back in October. I came away on holiday and was suffering extremely from a sensitive/throbbing tooth. I saw Dr Zulfikar Paliwalla and he explained everything exceptionally well and provided me with the appropriate advice and treatment right for me and not the practice. I can't recommend him highly enough! Trust and professionalism at the core. Thank you very much!

  • Varun M A, Septiembre 2019


    I had my wisdom tooth removed with Dr. Thomas. He was very professional and quick, didn’t feel a thing. Would definitely recommend him.

  • Ryan White, Agosto 2019


    I am extremy fussy about dentists but Dr Zul is the best dentist I've ever dealt with. Very professional, honest, skilled and very well mannered. I refer all my friends in Dubai to see him and all of their experiences have been positive. Other staff onlf the clinic are very easy to deal with too.