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Budapest, Hongrie

Budapest, Hongrie

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Terenyi Clinic was founded in 2010 and treats around 1500 patients each year. The clinic founder, Dr. Agnes Terenyi, is an oral surgeon with over 15 years experience in the field of implant dentistry. The most common procedure performed at the clinic is All-on-4, a full-mouth restoration that uses only four dental implants per jaw. Dr. Terenyi has trained with Dr. Paulo Malo, the dental implant specialist who created the All-on-4 procedure.

The clinic is located in a quiet, relaxing part of Budapest and patients can choose to stay near to the clinic or in central Budapest. The international patient coordinator can help with booking a hotel, and a personal driver is on hand to bring patients to their appointments. The clinic offers treatment in English and can arrange interpreters for French, German, Italian, and Russian-speaking patients.


Terenyi Clinic is located 20 km, or an approximate 20-minute drive, from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.

The clinic is located in a quiet, green suburb of Budapest, with a straightforward connection to the center using the H8 or H9 train service. It is around 15 minutes to the city center, where visitors can see famous attractions such as the Buda Castle, the Parliament Buildings, and St. Stephen's Basilica. Budapest is also a great place to relax and indulge, with its growing craft beer scene, delicious local wines, and thriving restaurant industry with food from across the globe, as well as local Hungarian dishes.

Visitors to Budapest can simply explore and soak up the atmosphere. A lot of the city can be visited on foot, and there are many parks such as the one on Margaret Island, which is home to the must-see musical fountain. The River Danube runs through the city and there are regular boat cruises.

Langues parlées

Anglais, Français, Allemand, Hongrois, Italien, Russe


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12 procédures en Dentistry

>Soins Dentaires

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  • Le traitement All-on-4, créé par Nobel Biocare, est une solution qui remplace toutes les dents du haut et du bas. Le concept permet aux patients d’obtenir une prothèse permanente de l’arcade complète avec seulement quatre implants. Ces implants agissent comme point d'ancrage pour un bridge ou pour une prothèse de 12 à 14 dents.

    Le dentiste doit d'abord effectuer des tests (tels que des radiographies panoramiques et une tomodensitométrie) pour évaluer la densité osseuse de la mâchoire du patient. Une fois les radiographies terminées, la conception et production assistée par ordinateur va permettre au dentiste d’être le plus précis possible au moment de la pose les implants dentaires dans la mâchoire.

  • 1 semaines
  • All-on-4: En savoir plus

Check-up Dentaire

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  • Un examen dentaire permet au dentiste d'inspecter les dents et les gencives et d'identifier les problèmes avant qu'ils ne s'aggravent.

  • 1 - 2 jours

    Il est recommandé aux patients de prolonger leur venue si le bilan révèle certains problèmes comme des cavités nécessitant des soins.

  • Check-up Dentaire: En savoir plus

Couronne Dentaire


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  • Une couronne peut être utilisée pour soigner une dent endommagée en l'encerclant. Afin que le dentiste puisse poser la couronne, la dent est d'abord réduite. Ceci permettra donc au dentiste de s'en servir de base. Beaucoup de cliniques proposent des matériaux pouvant reproduire la couleur de la dent et les patients peuvent choisir parmi une large gamme de matériaux différents.

    Les couronnes en porcelaine fusionnée au métal demeurent très populaires. Ces couronnes sont peu chères et bénéficient de la solidité d'une prothèse à base métallique mais aussi de l'aspect naturel des couronnes en porcelaine.

    Pour les dents de devant, il est vrai que beaucoup de patients décident de payer un peu plus cher pour avoir des couronnes dentaires en porcelaine ou en zircone. Ces matériaux reproduisent parfaitement la couleur de la dent.

  • 1 semaines

    La durée varie en fonction du temps nécessaire pour fabriquer la couronne ou les couronnes en laboratoire.

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Voir 2 types de Couronne Dentaire
Couronnes En Porcelaine
Couronnes En Porcelaine Fusionnée Au Métal

Plus d'informations à propos des traitements disponibles à Terenyi Clinic

It is the clinic’s mission to provide each patient with the most pleasant and professional treatment. With the calming atmosphere and empathetic dental staff, a pleasant, pain-free dental experience is guaranteed, but anxious patients can also request sedation.

The team uses modern technologies such as CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) and computer-guided dental implant placement to ensure a high degree of accuracy and natural-looking results.

The clinic uses leading implant brands such as Nobel Biocare. They offer a lifelong or 10-year guarantee on dental implants.



The medical team at the clinic include experienced and internationally-trained dental implant specialists and highly-skilled prosthetics experts. They are supported by their practice manager, dental hygienist, and a team of dental assistants.

Dr. Agnes Terenyi

  • Graduated from the University of Szeged
  • Member of he Hungarian Medical Chamber, the Dental Implantology Association of Hungarian Dentists, the Hungarian Facial, Jaw and Oral Surgery Association and official partner of the Malo Clinic
  • Oral surgeon and dental implant specialist

Dr. Beáta Hargitay

  • Graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Targu Mures, Romania
  • General dentist with specialist knowledge in prosthetics and full-mouth restorations

Dr. László Pintér

  • Graduated from the Semmelweis University, Budapest
  • Specialist in implant-supported fixed prostheses


Avis externes via Google

  • Miklós Fehér, Septembre 2019


    Budapest területén a XVI. kerületben a Terényi Klinika fogászati centrum barátságos, legjobb hely egy fogászati esemény -fogfájás- helyreállításra!
    Már a levegőben van; -otthon érezzük magunkat-, kiváló fogorvosokkal; " Dr Pintér László & Dr Terényi Ágnes szájsebész" a feeling mindig mosolyoognak mindenkinek csak ajánlani tudom, a népes családom nevében is!

  • Simon Hudson, Avril 2019



    Dentistry "wonderful" I hear you say? ... No, I am not crazy … READ ON !

    Over the last 3 years, first it was me visiting Budapest for treatment, then my wife followed and now other members of our family are contemplating.

    I have never known such amazing customer service in all my life. At Terenyi Klinica, there was nothing of the "corporate big brother “ ( in and out quick, take your cash, be treated as a number, existing just for profit ) that can exist in this market. I researched the big companies we see advertised in our daily newspapers and on TV thoroughly and eventually came across Terenyi Klinica. This was a small clinic just 30mins drive outside of Budapest, in a very calm setting, BUT the most important recommendation of all was the quality and experience of Agnes Terenyi and her staff. Please read her CV online. This lady’s qualifications are excellent and her experience is outstanding. Agnes’s experience with Implants / Bone Grafts & Sinus Lifts, is amazing .. she alone has personally carried out in excess of 8,000 implants !!! ... wouldn't you want an experienced practitioner like this to treat yourself ?

    The Terenyi Team treat you like a friend, are gentle, kind, helpful, incredibly skilful and leave you thinking you are part of a family. I personally had every tooth in my mouth replaced and a few more added ... the price was one third the price of the quotes I received in England ! My trips have all been exceedingly well planned .. you are picked up from your hotel / airport and taken backwards and forwards to the clinic by their personal driver - no stone is unturned.

    I am now retired, and have told the team at Terenyi Klinica that I am happy for them to put prospective clients needing advice on any aspect of my own " Dental Tourist " experience, in touch with me ...

    Simon ( London England )

  • Pam Forsyth, Avril 2019


    Dr Agnes is a superb dentist, the treatment I was given was excellent and even though I had complete mouth implants the treatment was much easier than I expected. A huge amount of care was taken to get the result I wanted, and I have received many compliments about the natural look of the implants. I would recommend this clinic.