Alba Reyes Skin and Hair Transplant Institute

Santo Domingo, République Dominicaine

Santo Domingo, République Dominicaine

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Vue d'ensemble

Vue d'ensemble

Alba Reyes Skin and Hair Transplant Institute est dirigé par le Dr Reyes, certifiée par l'American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). La clinique est réputée pour réaliser jusqu'à 5000 greffons en une seule procédure, en transplantant 1 à 3 cheveux par greffon.

La clinique propose des forfaits tout-inclus, des tarifs réduits en cas de cumul de procédures, ainsi que des tarifs de groupe. Les services fournis par la clinique comprennent des consultations en ligne gratuites, le WiFi gratuit, un téléphone pour les appels internationaux, les services d'un interprète, et l'aide à la réservation d'activités locales.


Alba Reyes Skin and Hair Transplant Institute se trouve à Saint-Domingue, la plus grande ville de République Dominicaine, à 30km de l'aéroport international Las Americas.

La région offre de nombreuses possibilités de restauration, comme le restaurant Don Pepe, un restaurant espagnol authentique et intime à seulement 4 km de la clinique.

La clinique est située à Ciudad Colonial, le quartier central de Saint-Domingue, déclaré Patrimoine Mondial par l'UNESCO. Les attractions culturelles sont nombreuses. Par exemple le National Zoo Park, situé directement sur la rivière Isabela, et est à seulement 2 km. Le Phare de Colomb, un monument inauguré en 1992 et dédié à Christophe Colomb, est situé à 8 km de la clinique.


American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Langues parlées

Anglais, Espagnol


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4 procédures à travers 2 spécialités

>Restauration Capillaire

(3 procedures)

Transplantation de pilosité faciale

Greffe de barbe , greffe de moustache

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  • La greffe de barbe est une procédure chirurgicale qui consiste à transférer des poils d'une partie du corps sur le visage. Chez certains hommes, les poils du visage peuvent avoir une faible croissance, ou leur répartition peut être insuffisante. Cette procédure s'adresse aux patients qui souhaitent une barbe plus pleine et plus épaisse.

  • Transplantation de pilosité faciale: En savoir plus

Greffe De Sourcils

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Greffe de Cheveux

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  • Il s'agit du coût de 2 000 greffons de cheveux. La plupart des patients ont besoin de 1500 à 3000 greffons. Votre devis personnel fluctuera en fonction de vos besoins.

  • 3 jours

    Les patients peuvent repartir dans la foulée mais souhaiteront probablement se reposer avant. De plus, la procédure pourrait prendre quelques jours.

  • Greffe de Cheveux: En savoir plus
Voir 2 types de Greffe de Cheveux
Greffe d'Unités Folliculaires (FUT)
3 500 $ - 5 000 $
Extraction D'Unités Folliculaire (Fue)
  à partir de 4 000 $


(1 procedure)

Plasma Riche en Plaquettes (PRP)

Thérapie vampire

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Plus d'informations à propos des traitements disponibles à Alba Reyes Skin and Hair Transplant Institute

Les trois procédures les plus populaires effectuées au Alba Reyes Skin and Hair Transplant Institute sont la greffe de cheveux, la greffe de sourcils, et la greffe de barbe.

La clinique utilise les dernières techniques disponibels pour la restauration capillaire, dont les techniques MSFU ("méga séance" de transplantation d'unités folliculaires), SMSFU ("super méga séance" de transplantation d'unités folliculaires), et FUE (extraction d'unités folliculaires).



L'équipe de l'Alba Reyes Skin and Hair Transplant Institute est dirigée par le Dr Alba Reyes, un chirurgien certifié qui se spécialise dans la greffe de cheveux.

Les langues parlées à la clinique comprennent l'anglais et l'espagnol.

Dr. Alba Reyes

  • Diplômé du Surgical and Dermatological Skin Institute, Santo Domingo, République Dominicaine
  • Formé par de nombreux chirurgiens spécialisés en restauration capillaire de renommée internationale
  • Assiste aux conférences annuelles de la Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • Membre de l'American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
Restauration Capillaire


Un membre de l'équipe Medigo a visité la clinique.

The clinic is located in a well known zone of the capital city (Santo Domingo). It is easy to find. The clinic is in a house that was converted. It looks nice and clean inside and out. The receptionist was kind.

Avis externes via Google

  • Alberto Voli, Mai 2019


    Professional, clean detailed oriented and caring! Will know full results in 6 months :-)

    One surprise was that although I had the 'expectation' that Dra Alba was the one who would be performing the surgery, who actually performs the hair implant procedure are the wonderful staff of Dra Alba. Dra. Alba mas managing the surgery and she would check in to make sure that her staff were indeed following her wise guidance.

    Of course, who does the procedure, so long as they are experienced and detailed oriented, does not matter. The end results will speak for themselves!

    I guess the other surprise, was that during an 8 hour operation, there is only so much you can do during that time, and the focus was the front area ( badly needed!) Traumatizing the donor area too much is not wise, so indeed the professional and correct decision on the part of Dra Alba.

    Knowing these two ahead of time would have been great, but no different than most doctors could have done!

    The entire process was painless with supreme communication with Vanessa who took the time answer any and all questions and Dra. Alba who took the time get to know me prior the operation and designed and drew the actual implant area.

    Will report back in 6 months with the results , but my overall experience is very positive and would recommend anyone on the fence to come to the Dominican Republic and experience the world class Dra. Alba's clinic!

  • Lets Talk Rez, Mai 2019


    I just had my procedure done with Dra. Alba Reyes Sagiv 4 days ago on 5/9/19 and I am here to tell you that this was the best decision I have made by choosing this institution. I am only 4 days post op but I am completely satisfied with the service , kindness , efficiency, professionalism and charisma of the medical staff and the Dr. I was a bit nervous but you will feel right at home after a couple minutes speaking with the staff and ofcourse the lovely Vanessa,who is there to assist you every step of the way there ,frm before ,during and as I write this review, after care as well! Very exceptional and excellent communication within and out of the clinic. My journey has just begun but If you are searching for a way to battle any deficiencies caused by alopecia or male pattern baldness and have questions, look no further. These are the hands you need to assist you. Muchas Gracias Mi gente se lo agradezco mucho a todos y que dios los bendiga!!!

  • Matt Ward, Mai 2019


    Wow. Alba Reyes, and Vanessa are wonderful. Not only do they give great customer service they do an amazing job. I know, you're probably skeptical- I was too. But, they exceeded my expectations. I did my research, and Dr. Reyes is as Legitimate as can be. She is also talented.
    For the money, I wish I would have went here first.

    As far as the hotel and the accommodations; The hotel was top notch. Hotel Barcelo we got the VIP package which included breakfast and dinner, I was so full I didn't want lunch. It was safe and the Dominicans were very kind.

    I wanted to go around, Vanessa even worked it out so that I could hire a driver to take me sight seeing. He was wonderful.

    If you are worried, I understand. I was too. But, I promise you, this was well worth the money- if even for the experience. DO IT! Don't let the language barrier scare you off, or the fact that it's not "American" worry you. The clinic was clean, and the staff knows what they're doing.

    BTW, Daniel/Raphael who are the drivers that pick you up are so kind, they got up at 2:30Aam to get us, and take us back.

    FYI, if you want to drink or have a cigar while you are there, try to come in a day early, rather than stay an extra day. Also, If you get the chance take the "TeleFarico" which is like a ski gondola, that goes across the Santo Domingo.


    p.s. many kudos to Vanessa for all of the hard work she put in (over a long period of time) as I said I was a bit skeptical, but this is the real deal.

  • Jake Namaroff, Mai 2019


    I had a hair transplant exactly one month ago performed by Dr. Alba Reyes and her team. Although it is too early to tell whether or not the transplant was successful, this review is based on the quality and care that was given. I live in NYC and Dr. Reyes' clinic was recommended to me by a barber. After much research, (transplant clinics in NYC were asking for $10,000+!) I decided to take a trip to the DR. The whole experience was very nice starting with initially meeting Vanessa Bos through email and WhatsApp. This woman is AMAZING. Made me feel so comfortable and cared for. If I wanted to, I could message her right now and I know that she would get back to me in no more than 10 minutes. This made me feel very at ease from the start. I was picked up from the airport by Daniel and brought to my hotel where I checked in and stayed for the next three nights. Breakfast and dinner included! Daniel picked me up the next morning for my procedure which is when I met Vanessa and Dr. Alba Reyes. No-nonsense, professional, intelligent, right to the point. The clinic was clean and pleasing, and the staff friendly (although not much English was spoken.) I don't remember the procedure as I was given anesthesia, but when I "woke up" seven hours later, I felt no pain and no discomfort whatsoever. Aside from a little tenderness in my donor area the following day, I felt absolutely nothing! Spoke with Vanessa and Dr. Reyes the following two days to make sure everything was as it should be and that was it! An entirely pleasant experience from beginning to end. I honestly can't believe how easy it was haha. Now I can't wait for the results! I know that if I have questions or am experiencing any issues, I can contact Vanessa/the clinic and will be answered RIGHT away. Thank you Vanessa, Dr. Reyes, and the entire team for your care and professionalism!

  • Gzim Lushaj, Novembre 2018


    About a month ago, I decided to get hair transplants for my hair line. It wasn’t too bad, but I was missing the hair from my youth. After some research, I settled on Dr. Reyes, and I’m glad I did! The travel to Santa Domingo was pleasant and relaxing and well accommodated throughout. Vanessa was a great concierge and helped me with anything I needed. The procedure went perfectly and after following the instructions given to me I fully recovered in a matter of weeks. Overall was a wonderful experience and always felt taken care of. If I ever need the procedure again I know I will be coming back to Dr. Reyes.