ATOS Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg

Amburgo, Germania

Amburgo, Germania

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ATOS Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg is an award-winning, internationally renowned clinic specializing in orthopedics and vascular treatments. The clinic has won first place in patient satisfaction out of 22 clinics in Hamburg, in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. ATOS Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg is part of the ATOS group, a team made up of clinics across Germany which was originally set up as orthopedic experts and have since expanded to a range of medical fields.

The Hamburg clinic uses state-of-the-art equipment and round-the-clock care to make sure their patients are comfortable and well-treated. There are no scheduled night operations, which means that all the clinic’s doctors and surgeons are well rested, although there is an on-call team for emergency nighttime operations. 85% of patients surveyed at Fleetinsel Hamburg said that they had an extremely competent, caring and successful treatment which gave them back their quality of life.


ATOS Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg is located in Hamburg, Germany, 11 km or an approximate 30-minute drive from Hamburg Airport. Alternatively, patients can simply catch the S1 train line directly from the airport to the clinic, which only takes half an hour and drops patients off a 1-minute walk from the clinic.

The clinic is located in Hamburg’s beautiful historic center, famous for its architecture and pleasant streets. The clinic is close to a variety of useful amenities, including cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping districts, post offices, pharmacies, ATMs and more. For accommodation, patients have the choice - depending also upon their health - on staying in the ATOS clinic with its well-equipped patient rooms, or in the five-star Hotel Steigenberger, which is located in the same building as the ATOS Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg.

Patients who wish to do some sightseeing during their stay will find themselves well-located. The Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest model railway, is only a 10-minute walk from the clinic, as is the city’s museum district. Hamburg’s beautiful canals are all around the clinic.

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Rottura del Tendine d'Achille

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Artroscopia della Caviglia

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Fissazione dell'Anca

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Riabilitazione Ortopedica

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Consultazione di Terapia Fisica

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>Chirurgia spinale

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Sostituzione Disco Artificiale

Disco intervertebrale artificiale

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Trattamento di spondilosi cervicale

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Vertebroplastica percutanea con palloncino

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Decompressione microvascolare (MVD)

Decompressione microvascolare per il Neuralgia di Trigeminal

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Altri trattamenti disponibili presso ATOS Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg

ATOS Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg specializes in orthopedic and vascular treatments, sports injuries, and intestinal fractures. The orthopedic focal points are in joint, foot and spine surgery, as well as sports medicine, and in terms of surgery the clinic focuses on vascular and hernia surgery. All patients treated at the clinic also have a full medical history report and a series of diagnostic tests before treatment to clarify the causes of their symptoms. The doctors at the clinic prepare an individualized treatment plan for every patient.



The staff at ATOS Klinik Fleetinsel Hamburg are highly expert and acclaimed; in the renowned magazine FOCUS-Gesundheit, eight physicians were ranked as some of the best doctors in Germany. There are 18 chief surgeons and specialist physicians at the clinic, ensuring that patients receive the best in interdisciplinary treatment. The team of doctors and surgeons is supported by an excellent nursing staff and administrative assistants.

Dr. Roland Sellckau

  • Medical director at ATOS Klinik Fleetinsel Hamburg
  • Specializes in hip and knee surgery, as well as bone marrow transplantation
  • Provides conversion osteomas in dysplasia and hip development disorders, arthroscopic meniscus surgery, cartilage repair in the knee, arthroscopic cruciate ligament replacement, and more

Dr. Martin Wiemann

  • Specializes in orthopedics and foot and hand surgery
  • Studied abroad in New York, Bolzano, Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as Munich and Vienna
  • Worked as a medical fellow for a year at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Australia

Dr. Jurgen Walpert

  • Trauma surgeon
  • Specializes in hip, knee and foot surgery, and sports traumatology
  • Member of the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society
  • Sits on the board of the German Association for Foot Surgery
  • Regularly participates in national and international congresses
  • Publishes regular academic articles in specialist journalists
  • Developed several innovative implants in foot surgery

Prof. Dr. Henning Niebuhr

  • Surgeon
  • Specializes in visceral surgery and minimally invasive inguinal, abdominal wall and diaphragmatic fracture surgery
  • Developed many state-of-the-art surgical techniques and sonographic examinations

Dr. Michael Muschik

  • Spine specialist, also specializes in physical therapy, orthopedics and traumatology, and pediatric orthopedics
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Worked for 20 years as a medical assessor

Dr. Matthias Buhs

  • Specializes in orthopedics and traumatology, and especially cartilage transplants
  • Performs 80-100 cartilage transplants and about 150 other cartilage treatments per year
  • Recognised instructor in cartilage transplants, giving regular lectures on international congresses
  • Board member of the Quality Circle for Cartilage Repair and Joint Preservation


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  • Alina Glatz, May 2019


    Ich fühle mich hier sehr sehr wohl.
    Super nette Krankenschwestern.
    Top essen.
    Super op von einem der tollen Ärzte
    Ich kann diese Klinik nur empfehlen.
    Ich war noch nie so gerne in einem Krankenhaus Danke ganz klar 5 Sterne am liebsten noch ein paar oben drauf.

  • Martin Hapke, May 2019


    Ich dachte im ersten Moment das im falschen Haus bin, das kann doch keine Klinik sein 😄. Und was für eine, schon der erste Kontakt mit dem Arzt war schon top, alles was dann passierte konnte ich erst garnicht verarbeiten. Ich hatte in den 6 Tagen nie das Gefühl gehabt in einer Klinik zu sein. Ob es die Schulter Op (TEP) , das Essen !!! oder das Personal ( einschließlich Servicepersonal) war, es gibt keine Beanstandungen. Ich bin sehr Dankbar für die Empfehlung mich in dieser Klinik operieren uu lassen.
    Und das als Kassenpatient, es will immer keiner glauben, aber für mich war es eine super Erfahrung , einschließlich des operativen Ergebnisses. Vielen Dank dafür.

  • Olaf Dirk, November 2018


    Hammer !
    Årzte , medizinische Versorgung, Essen alles eine glatte eins.
    Ich wūrde auch 6 Sterne geben.

  • Nik Schwz, October 2018


  • Erwin Treff, September 2018


    In dieser Klinik werden Maßstäbe gesetzt!Hier wird man nicht "behandelt", sondern kompetent und umsorgt betreut.Sehr empfehlenswert.