Atos Klinik München

Munich, Germania

Munich, Germania

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ATOS Clinic Munich specializes in orthopedics; in particular, the clinic focuses on treatments for the shoulder and elbow. However, the clinic also has a wide range of procedures across the fields of plastic surgery, visceral surgery, spine surgery, traumatology, sports medicine, radiology, and general medicine. The clinic’s modern facilities are complemented by state-of-the-art equipment and the internationally renowned expertise of their staff, who are some of the most respected orthopedic specialists in Europe.

The clinic puts a large emphasis on patient comfort, hoping that patients find their stay more like time spent in a hotel rather than a hospital. The clinic has 39 cozy rooms and round-the-clock care, and all clinics are equipped with air conditioning, a radio, a safe, a minibar, and a multimedia system with internet, telephone and TV. All rooms also have comfortable seating areas and their own bathroom, and there are two large ensuites with their own kitchen.


ATOS Clinic Munich is located in Munich, Germany, 35 km or an approximate 30-minute drive from Munich International Airport. Munich is also extremely well-connected to the rest of Germany and Europe via high speed trains and buses, which patients may also choose to travel via.

The clinic is located in a central, friendly district within Munich, and is close to a variety of public transport options. There are also many useful amenities nearby, including restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, ATMs, comfortable accommodation options (for patients not staying at the clinic), shopping centers, and even a beauty salon.

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73 trattamenti all'interno di 5 specialità


(42 procedure)

Rottura del Tendine d'Achille

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Artroscopia della Caviglia

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Fissazione dell'Anca

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>Medicina Fisica e Riabilitazione

(4 procedure)

Riabilitazione Ortopedica

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Terapia Fisica

Fisioterapia , PT , Riabilitazione fisica

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Consultazione di Terapia Fisica

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>Chirurgia Plastica, Ricostruttiva ed Estetica

(16 procedure)

Lifting del Braccio


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  • Un ascensore in braccio, noto anche come un Brachioplastica, è una procedura chirurgica per rassodare e rimodellare la parte superiore delle braccia. Il chirurgo può utilizzare liposuzione per rimuovere pelle e grasso in eccesso e riposizionare la pelle restante per stringerlo.

  • 1 settimane

    Il paziente potrebbe essere necessario rimanere fino a quando i punti di sutura possono essere rimossi e dovrebbe chiedere al chirurgo. Dovrebbe essere possibile per tornarcene a casa entro 7-10 giorni.

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Revisione protesi mammarie

Protesi mammarie riposizionamento , Sostituzione di protesi al seno

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Mastoplastica Additiva

Rifarsi il seno , Mastoplastica additiva , Aumento del seno

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  • In chirurgia implantare al seno, un impianto è inserito al fine di modificare la dimensione e la forma del seno. L'ambulatorio è effettuato comunemente per le donne che desiderano avere seni più grandi, più Formoso, le donne con seno poco sviluppato, o che hanno avuto il tessuto mammario rimosso (mastectomia). Protesi al seno possono essere utilizzate anche per correggere asimmetria mammaria, o come parte di sesso maschio-femmina.

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>Chirurgia spinale

(10 procedure)

Sostituzione Disco Artificiale

Disco intervertebrale artificiale

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Trattamento di spondilosi cervicale

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Vertebroplastica percutanea con palloncino

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(1 procedura)

Decompressione microvascolare (MVD)

Decompressione microvascolare per il Neuralgia di Trigeminal

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Altri trattamenti disponibili presso Atos Klinik München





Prof. Dr. Peter Habermeyer

  • Specialist in shoulder surgery, orthopedic and trauma surgery, and sports medicine
  • Performed over 20,000 shoulder surgeries
  • Published over 115 scientific articles on shoulder surgery
  • Former president of the European Association for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
  • Regularly listed as one of the most renowned shoulder surgeons in Germany in the FOCUS list

Prof. Dr. Mark Tauber

  • Medical Director of the ATOS Clinic Munich
  • Specializes in the shoulder and elbow, as well as orthopedics, accident surgery, and sports medicine

Dr. Raimund Völker

  • Director of the Center for Hip Surgery
  • Specializes in hip and hip resurfacing surgeries, traumatology, and sports medicine

Dr. Michael Schubert

  • Specializes in spine surgery and the endoscopic surgical technique
  • Visiting Professor at Tongji University Shanghai, China

Dr. Armin Helmbrecht

  • Neurosurgeon specializing in spine treatment
  • Regularly travels on national and international lecture tours to share his new surgical techniques

Dr. Charlotte Holm-Mühlbauer

  • Plastic surgeon
  • Regularly writes academic articles for medical journals
  • Member of the German Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, the European Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the International Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the European Association of Plastic Surgeons, and the national non-profit organization Interplast Germany
  • Graduated from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Recensioni esterne from Google

  • Ines Ebner, August 2019


    Keine langen Wartezeiten und sehr kompetente Ärzte. Super Diagnostik.

  • Anorganik Chemie, June 2019


    Ich hatte hier eine Nasenkorrektur nach einem Sturz, schief und bekam schlecht Luft. Nach der Operation war sie optisch so wie ich sie mir vorstellte und auch das Atmen war wie vor dem Unfall. Das Pflegepersonal war stets höflich und kompetent. Summa summarum würde ich mich hier wieder behandeln lassen, da mir nichts negatives aufgefallen ist .

  • Pedro Cepeto, May 2019


    Am Telefon Die Lage Erklärt und uns wurde dann eine Mauelle Therapie Versprochen.
    Soo.. 7 min von unseren Gebuchten Zeit Später ran genommen. Sind 23 min übrig.
    Dann noch von unseren Zeit in den Raum noch blöd hin gehalten, wie in Gespräche verwickelt. Um Von wegen zu wissen wollen was los ist, was thema Thema ist.. Von unseren Zeit wo für ich Geld gezahlt habe!! wahnsinn... Am Ende wirklich ohne Lüge von den gebuchten Zeit vielleicht 5 Minuten Knie hoch mit leichtem druck.. ganz leicht (Manuelle Therapie???) ist das oder war das nicht!!!! und.... "eeemmm ich kann nichts machen.. es bringt nichts.." sagte Sie.. Boa voll Sauer!!! heee... wir sollten doch lieber zur einer Ortho klinik gehen... Krass!! aber Geld kassiert..dafür auf Privat.. Hammer !! Empfehle keinen Diesen Klinik... Niemals ...1 stern auch nicht wehrt..

  • Naked Views, March 2018


    Good clean clinic with amazing staff

  • Gitte Andersen, October 2015


    I came to ATOS in Münic, to have plastic surgery made by 2 professional surgeons (they said). The day after my surgery my skin began to turn black because of an infection but still they send me home. I had a severe stafylokok infection and here after 11 months i suffer from severe nerve damage, scar tissue and severe hair loss on both sides. Of course i have contacted ATOS but the surgeons dont care that i have to be medicated for the rest of my life for constant pain. Don't ever go there for surgery.