Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital

Chennai, India

Chennai, India



Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital was founded in 1957 in the city of Chennai, India, and has a network of 67 eye hospitals across domestic and international locations.

The Chennai branch is the flagship hospital of the group. With 10 operating theaters, the Chennai branch treats 10,500 inpatients and 72,000 outpatients annually. It utilizes innovative surgical and biomedical techniques such as Micro Phakonit, Glued IOL, and IOL Scaffold.

Its services include free WiFi, a pharmacy, and airport and hotel pick-up and drop-off. The hospital can book local excursions on behalf of the patient.


L'ospedale principale si trova a 17 km dall'aeroporto internazionale di Chennai ed è accessibile tramite taxi o un trasferimento aeroportuale organizzato in ospedale.

Chennai è ben noto per i suoi edifici coloniali e templi, tra cui il famoso tempio di Kapaleeshwar, che è stato costruito nel settimo secolo. Il tempio dista 2,5 km dall'ospedale principale del Dr. Agarwal.

I pazienti spesso scelgono di visitare Marina Beach (4 km dall'ospedale principale), che ospita una serie di attrazioni tra cui un faro, monumenti, statue, passerelle e giardini. Il suo famoso faro dispone di una piattaforma panoramica per i visitatori al nono piano, con vista panoramica sul Golfo del Bengala.

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13 trattamenti in Ophthalmology


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Trapianto di Membrana Amniotica

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Chirurgia della Cataratta

Rimozione della cataratta

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  • Le cataratte sono nuvolosa patch nella lente dell'occhio che sono comuni a causa di invecchiamento. Intervento chirurgico di rimozione della cataratta è raccomandato per i pazienti che soffrono di insufficienza alla visione e sono sensibili alla luce a seguito della cataratta. L'intervento prevede la rimozione della lente naturale e più comunemente viene sostituito con una lente sintetica.

  • 2 - 3 giorni

    I pazienti solitamente volare presto dopo la chirurgia della cataratta, ma devono prendere precauzioni per evitare la secchezza nell'occhio.

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Vedere 2 tipi di procedure di % di % procedura:
Chirurgia per cataratta con impianto di lente monofocale
Chirurgia per cataratta con impianto di lenti multifocali

Cura del Calazio

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Altri trattamenti disponibili presso Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital

The hospital offers a wide range of ophthalmology treatments: robotic cataract, corneal transplants, laser vision correction, treatment for retinal problems, oculoplasty, as well as pedriatric, neuro, and cosmetic ophthalmology. It is one of the few hospitals in India to have a Zeiss ReLEx SMILE machine for vision correction.

Its innovative techniques include the glued IOL (intraocular lens) surgery developed by Dr. Agarwal himself. Glued IOL is for patients with complicated lens problems; it implants specialized IOLs in eyes when a standard IOL cannot be implanted.

Other procedures performed include DMEK, Boston KPro, and PDEK, a modern form of eye transplant with fast healing times and only rare occurrences of graft rejection.



The team at the Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital is led by Professor Dr. Amar Agarwal himself, inventor of Glued IOL, IOL Scaffold, and the PDEK corneal transplant surgery techniques. He has won a number of awards during his career in eye surgery, including the Best Doctor Award awarded by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state, the Kelman Award and the Barraquer Award.

There is also a dedicated team available, named “Global Patient Connect”, to assist all patients and to ensure patients have a pleasant stay at the hospital. The team can assist with patient treatment and travel plans, visa and document filing, accommodation, and dietary requests. Staff at the hospital speak English, Hindi, and Tamil, with interpreter services on offer upon request.

(Late) Dr. Jaiveer Agarwal

  • Founder
  • Awarded the Padma Bhushan civilian award for service to India

Dott. Amar Agarwal

  • Specializes in ophthalmology
  • Invented the glued IOL, IOL Scaffold, and PDEK surgical techniques
  • Chairman and Managing Director of Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital
  • Recipient of the Best Doctor Award from the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state in 2014
  • Former President of the International Society of Refractive Surgery (ISRS) and and Chairman of the Indian Intraocular Implant and Refractive Society (IIRSI)

Dr. Ashvin Agarwal

  • Specializes in ophthalmology
  • Particular expertise in treatment of the cornea and cataract

Dott. Soundari S.

  • Specializes in general ophthalmology

Dr. Soosan Jacob

-Specializes in ophthalmology - Particular expertise in treatment of the cornea and refractive surgery - Invented the PEARL technique for correction of presbyopia

Dr. Atul Dhawan

  • Specializes in ophthalmology
  • Particular expertise in vitreo-retinal surgery

Dr Ramya S

  • Specializes in ophthalmology
  • Particular expertise in treatment of the cornea and in refractive surgery

Dott. Manjula

  • Specializes in ophthalmology
  • Particular expertise in pediatrics

Dr. Akruti Desai

  • Specializes in ophthalmology
  • Particular expertise in oculoplasty and cosmetic ophthalmology

Dott. Vijay Anand

  • Specializes in ophthalmology
  • Particular expertise in glaucoma


Recensioni esterne from Google

  • Aksshaya Raghu, January 2020


    They have excellent professionals. Senior consultations and expert opinion are the part of their service !!! Very hygienic and neatly maintained. They have an optic store and pharmacy inside !!! On the whole it's one of the best eye hospitals in the city .
    They can improve on patient's waiting time and appointment system !!

  • Radha Mohan, December 2019


    the doctors are good and treatment excellent. definitely expensive by middle class standards. the lady staff at the front desk are more preoccupied with their grooming and appearance and just ignore and avoid patients,besides discussing their personal affairs and joking loudly which we felt was very uncouth and unprofessional.They need some tutoring on manners and etiquette and must reach out more to the patients who need their guidance..amongst the staff we specially appreciate mr.saravanan,who is an asset to the agarwal eye clinic.He is ideally suited for the medical line ...cheerful,helpful,energetic and enterprising....he reaches out to all patients regardless of their status.overall a a good experience! one star less due to hostile attitude of ground floor front desk lady staff.

  • Madhavan Ganapathy, December 2019


    I came to Dr. Agarwal's Main Eye Hospital, Alwarpet, Chennai anxiously due to my wife's eye ailment(Cornea as well as Cataract problem). Doctors guided is correctly and the surgery has been done successfully. After a month we came for review and now my wife is absolutely. alright. I thank the Doctors and the staff for the kind treatment provided.

  • Manoj John Kingsly, November 2019


    It's one of the best hospitals in india. They have a highly qualified and highly experienced professionals. very well maintained

  • Arun Raj, September 2019


    Very bad experience. Free eye checkups done outside are much better that what these guys are doing after charging so much money. Very bad doctors. They are using phones in between the checkup. All they need is money, please provide a better service for the amount that you guys charge. I really doubt they are real doctors. They do not have patience and don’t seems to be interested in answering any questions. Beware of this hospital.