Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai

Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India

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Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai is a multidisciplinary hospital that was founded in 2014. The hospital belongs to the Wochardt Hospitals Group, the 5th largest healthcare group in western India, with 9 hospitals located in 6 cities throughout the country.

Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai is NABH-accredited, which is the highest accreditation that can be granted to a hospital in India. There are a variety of medical departments at the hospital including orthopedics, neurosurgery, neurology, cardiology, gynecology, endocrinology, nephrology, spinal surgery, and urology, amongst others. The hospital is renowned for its specialized critical care, stroke, and heart institutes, the latter of which is the only comprehensive pediatric and adult cardiac institute in South Mumbai.

The hospital is fitted with 350 patient beds and 100 critical care beds. There are a number of convenient services available for patients, which include airport and hotel transfer, interpreter services, visa assistance, and assistance with booking accommodation. Facilities at the hospital include a pharmacy, launderette, dry cleaning services, and free WiFi throughout the hospital. Both private rooms and single attendant accommodation are available for overnight stays.


Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai is located in South Mumbai, 17 km from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and is accessible via public transport or taxi. The nearest train station is the Mumbai Mahalakshmi station, just 1 km from the hospital.

South Mumbai is a cosmopolitan area and home Mumbai's main business center. There are a number of popular tourist attractions located within the vicinity of the hospital. The Elephanta Caves, a network of sculpted caves dedicated to the god of Shiva, are located off the coast of South Mumbai, 7 km from the hospital.

The Gateway of India, a monument that was built during British rule and overlooks the Arabian Sea, can be reached within 7 km from Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai.



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589 trattamenti all'interno di 19 specialità

>Chirurgia Bariatrica

(6 procedure)

Trattamento con Palloncino Intragastrico (BIB)

Palloncino intragastrico

+ di più

Chirurgia della Banda Gastrica

Lap-Band , Bendaggio gastrico regolabile laparoscopico (LAGB)

+ di più
See 1 type of Chirurgia della Banda Gastrica procedures:
Bendaggio gastrico laparoscopico
$5.848 - $6.380

Bypass Gastrico

+ di più
See 1 type of Bypass Gastrico procedures:
Bypass gastrico con chirurgia laparoscopica
$8.425 - $9.810


(30 procedure)



+ di più
See 1 type of Colecistectomia procedures:
Colecistectomia Laparoscopica
$1.899 - $2.198


Intervento chirurgico del dotto biliare comune

+ di più

>Chirurgia Generale

(29 procedure)


Rimozione della ghiandola surrenale

+ di più


Appendicite , Rimozione di appendice

+ di più
See 1 type of Appendicectomia procedures:
Appendicectomia per via endoscopica
$1.899 - $2.198

Drenaggio di ascesso al seno

+ di più


(26 procedure)

Cauterizzazione Cervicale

Cauterizzazione della cervice

+ di più
See 1 type of Cauterizzazione Cervicale procedures:
Escissione Elettrochirurgica ad Ansa (LEEP)
Prezzo su richiesta

Laparoscopia Ginecologica

+ di più


Asportazione dell'utero

+ di più


(80 procedure)

Trattamento per infarto da insufficienza cardiaca (scompenso cardiaco)

+ di più

Trattamento di angina pectoris

+ di più

Trattamento di Stenosi Aortica

+ di più

>Medicina Colo-Rettale

(21 procedure)

Drenaggio di Ascesso Anale

+ di più

Rimozione di Ciste Anale

Trattamento di cisti pilonidale

+ di più

Trattamento di Ragade Anale

Fistulotomia , Riparazione di lacerazione anale

+ di più

>Diagnostica per Immagini

(11 procedure)


+ di più



+ di più

Risonanza Magnetica per Immagini (RMI)

Risonanza magnetica nucleare (NMRI) , Tomografia a risonanza magnetica (MRT)

+ di più


(4 procedure)

Trattamento per Ostruzioni Nasali

+ di più

Ricostruzione della Catena Ossiculare

+ di più


Chirurgia del setto nasale deviato

+ di più

>Medicina Generale

(12 procedure)

Esaminazione Addominale

+ di più

Trapianto di midollo osseo

Trapianto di Cellule Staminali

+ di più

Terapia Extracorporea ad Onde d'Urto (ESWT)

+ di più


(18 procedure)

Alzheimer's Disease Management

+ di più

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Management

Malattia del Neurone di motore

+ di più

Terapia per paralisi di Bell

+ di più


(23 procedure)

Trattamento del Neurinoma dell’acustico

Trattamento del neurinoma vestibolare

+ di più

Trattamento per Aneurisma Cerebrale

+ di più

Chirurgia per Tumore al Cervello

Trattamento del cancro del cervello

+ di più


(101 procedure)

Trattamento della leucemia acuta

Trattamento di leucemia

+ di più

Trattamento del cancro surrenale

+ di più

Trattamento del cancro anale

+ di più


(117 procedure)

Sbrigliamento di un Ascesso

+ di più

Rottura del Tendine d'Achille

+ di più

Risanamento di Articolazioni Acromioclavicolari

+ di più

>Chirurgia Plastica, Ricostruttiva ed Estetica

(3 procedure)


Otoplastica, Chirurgia plastica dell'orecchio , correzione delle orecchie a ventola , Auricoplastica

+ di più


Lavoro del naso , Chirurgia del naso

+ di più

Trattamento per Vene Varicose

Rimozione di Vene delle Gambe

+ di più


(14 procedure)


+ di più

Terapia per Broncopneumopatia Cronica Ostruttiva (BPCO)

+ di più

Trattamento per Fibrosi Cistica

+ di più


(4 procedure)

Trattamento per fibromialgia

+ di più

Trattamento del lupus eritematoso

+ di più

Trattamento per artrite reumatoide

+ di più

>Chirurgia spinale

(31 procedure)

Sostituzione Disco Artificiale

Disco intervertebrale artificiale

+ di più

Discopatia Cervicale

Discopatia cervicale , Malattia degenerante del disco cervicale

+ di più

Trattamento di spondilosi cervicale

+ di più


(45 procedure)

Resezione del collo vescicale

Trattamento di ostruzione del collo della vescica

+ di più

Rimozione di Calcoli Vescicali

+ di più


Circoncisione , Trattamento della fimosi , Trattamento della parafimosi

+ di più

>Medicina Vascolare

(14 procedure)

Riparazione di Aneurisma Aortico Addominale

+ di più


Angiografia Coronarica

+ di più


+ di più

Altri trattamenti disponibili presso Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai

Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai is a multidisciplinary hospital that offers a range of procedures across its many disciplines, including gastric bypass surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, aortic valve replacement, robotic surgery, hip replacement, brachytherapy, and prostatectomy.

The hospital uses modern diagnostic technologies such as sonography, X-ray, MRI (magnetic resonance imagining) scanners, and CT (computed tomography) scanners. In addition, the hospital is equipped with the IntelliSpace Critical Care & Anesthesia (ICCA) system, which is used for advanced monitoring and healthcare informatics.

Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai has a dedicated intensive care unit (ICU) fitted with over 100 patient beds. The hospital also features 2 state-of-the-art cardiac laboratories that are equipped with 3 echocardiogram machines and 12 lead electrocardiography (ECG) machines. The cardiology department has a stress test machine, a pulmonary function test machine, and a holter apparatus, which enables the recording of an ECG over a 24-hour period.



Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai has a team of doctors trained in delivering specialized care across its many medical specialties. Many of the doctors have received international education and training and are members of a number of national and international medical boards and societies.

The staff at the hospital speaks English, and interpreter services are available for patients who require it.

Dott. Pratik Kumar Soni

  • Specializes in cardiology
  • Graduated with a degree in medicine from the Government Medical College, Nagpur, India
  • Graduated with a specialized degree in cardiology from the T.N. Medical College, Mumbai, India
  • Completed training in interventional cardiology at the Rouen University, France
  • Has performed 18,000 angiographies (peripheral and coronary), 7,500 coronary angioplasties, and 6,000 stent implantations
  • Fellow of the American College of Cardiology
  • Author of various international publications in scientific journals
  • Member of the Cardiological Society of India and the Indian Medical Association

Dr. Zainulabedin I. Hamdulay

  • Specializes in cardiothoracic surgery
  • Completed international medical training at the Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada, the Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, UK, and the Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital, Liverpool, UK
  • Particular expertise in beating heart bypass, valve repair, and minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS)
  • Author of various international publications in scientific journals
Chirurgia Toracica

Dr. Suresh V. Joshi

  • Specializes in pediatrics, with over 34 years experience
  • Graduated with a master’s degree in general surgery and cardiothoracic surgery from the Mumbai University, India
  • Completed training under Dr. Roger Mee at the Royal Children Hospital Melbourne, and at the St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, Australia
  • Member of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS USA), the World Society of Pediatric & Congenital Heart Surgeons, the International Society of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgeons (ISMICS), the Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons of Asia, the Pediatric Cardiac Society of India, the Cardiological Society of India, the Vascular Society of India, the Indian Medical Association, and the Association of Medical Consultants, Mumbai, India
Anestesia Pediatria

Dr. Mudit Khanna

  • Specializes in orthopedics, with over 16 years of experience
  • Graduated with a master's degree in orthopedic surgery from the King George Medical College, India
  • Completed his M.R.C.S. at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, U.K
  • Completed his M.Ch. in orthopedic surgery at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK
  • Senior Clinical Fellow at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, UK
  • Particular expertise in primary, complex primary and revision hip replacement surgery, as well as hip resurfacing surgery
  • Member of the Indian Orthopedic Society, UK, and the Royal College of Surgeons, UK
Ortopedia Traumatologia

Dott. Shirish M. Hastak

  • Specializes in neurology, with over 20 years of experience
  • Graduated with a degree in medicine and a master’s degree in neurology from the Nagpur Medical College, India
  • Completed a fellowship in stroke treatment under Prof. Vladimir Hatchinski at the Western University of Canada, Ontario
  • Worked with Prof. L.R .Caplan at the TUFTS Medical Centre, Boston, USA
  • Particular expertise in hyper acute stroke management

Dr. Dimpy Irani

  • Specializes in gynecology, with over 10 years of experience
  • Graduated with a degree in medicine and a master’s degree in obstetrics and gynecology
  • Trained at the IRCAD France
  • Particular expertise in infertility treatment and robotic surgery

Dr. Gandhali Deorukhkar

  • Specializes in gynecology
  • Completed a fellowship in advanced gynecological endoscopy at the Bombay Endoscopy Academy and Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery (BEAMS), Mumbai, India
  • Particular expertise in artificial reproductive technique (ART) related procedures, reconstructive surgeries, and major and minor gynecological, obstetric, and general surgeries

Dr. Tariq A. Patel

  • Specializes in gastroenterology, with over 15 years of experience
  • Graduated with a degree in medicine and a master’s degree in gastroenterology from the Grant Medical College, JJ Hospital, Mumbai, India

Dr. Mohammed Ayub Siddiqui

  • Specializes in urology, with over 15 years of experience
  • Completed training in laparoscopic urology surgery under Dr. Prokar Dasgupta
  • Particular expertise in laparoscopic surgery
  • Chief editor for the British Journal of Urology International
Urologia Laparoscopia

Dott. Meghal J. Sanghavi

  • Specializes in surgical oncology, with over 10 years of experience
  • Graduated with a bachelor degree in general surgery from Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (K.I.M.S.), Karad, India
  • Particular interest in breast conservation surgeries, mastectomy, breast reconstruction, oncoplasty, and microdochectomy

Dott. Boman Nariman Dhabhar

  • Specializes in medical oncology, with over 15 years of experience
  • Graduated with a master’s degree in internal medicine from Mumbai University, Mumbai, India
  • Completed fellowships in medical oncology at the European Society of Medical Oncology, the University Of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Washington, USA

Dott. Ramen Goel

  • Specializes in bariatric surgery, with over 15 years of experience
  • Graduated with a degree in medicine and a master’s degree in general surgery from the J N Medical College, Aligarh, India
  • First Indian bariatric surgeon to receive the Surgeon of Excellence Certification from the Surgical Review Corporation
Chirurgia Bariatrica


Recensioni esterne from Google

  • habibu ado yola, July 2019


    I'm Habibu from Nigeria. Highly satisfied with the medical attention I received at the hospital during my three weeks admission. The Doctors and other staff are amazing professionals who put patients interests their priority at all times.

  • Kaviraj T, July 2019


    Highly professional attitude. Dedicated staffs. Level 16 staffs are simply amazing, from housekeeping to staffs nurses, I've been pampered during my 2 night stay. The surgeon put the patient first. Special thanks to Pooja from the international patient department for organising everything seemlessly.

  • Zaheer Arzabegi, July 2019


    I got operated in Wockhardt, Very nice Hospital.Doctors, Nurses, Billing staff, Cleaning staff, Security guards, Canteen staff and the whole Management is very kind, humble,caring and very cooperative. Thank you Dr Fayaaz Memon, Dr Chitra and the support staff for handling me with extra care while the operation.
    May Allah shower his blessings and protect the Hospital and all the people working in and for the hospital.

  • Surabhi Acharekar, May 2019


    The nursing staff was quite caring. The clean and sterile environment of OT and hospital premises helped for a quick recovery. Choosing wockhardt hospital for my surgery and treatment was always the correct choice

  • Bhanu Jerome, April 2019


    It's a very good hospital That has quality treatment with professional doctors and well trained nurse's... Hospital environment is very clean and neet... Food was good.