Ramat Aviv Medical Center

Tel Aviv, Israele

Tel Aviv, Israele

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The Ramat Aviv Medical Center is a private clinic established in 1999 that is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical treatment combined with a personal and professional approach.

The various departments at the Center include an imaging institute, an isotope institute, a department for gastroenterology, a pain clinic, and a plastic surgery department. It is particularly well-known for its pain clinic, which is a multi-disciplinary unit operated by doctors with specialist training in the treatment of pain.

All patients can expect maximum privacy in the waiting and post-operative recovery rooms, both of which are characterized by high standards of service.


The Ramat Aviv Medical Center is around 28 km from the Ben Guiron International Airport and is accessible via taxi or public transport.

It is situated in the leafy district of Ramat Aviv, an area which houses the Tel Aviv University, the Eretz Israel Museum, and the Palmach Museum. Patients often choose to spend some time at the large Hayarkon Park, around 2 km away, with its trails, lawns, and opportunities for boat trips.

Tel Aviv University is also just 800 m away. It houses the Beit Hatefutsot museum, which maps the history of the Jewish people. The Eretz Israel Museum, 1.2 km away, focuses on the history and culture of Israel through permanent and temporary exhibits.

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22 trattamenti in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

>Chirurgia Plastica, Ricostruttiva ed Estetica

(22 procedure)

Lifting del Braccio


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  • Un ascensore in braccio, noto anche come un Brachioplastica, è una procedura chirurgica per rassodare e rimodellare la parte superiore delle braccia. Il chirurgo può utilizzare liposuzione per rimuovere pelle e grasso in eccesso e riposizionare la pelle restante per stringerlo.

  • 1 settimane

    Il paziente potrebbe essere necessario rimanere fino a quando i punti di sutura possono essere rimossi e dovrebbe chiedere al chirurgo. Dovrebbe essere possibile per tornarcene a casa entro 7-10 giorni.

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Rimozione di Impianto al Seno

Riduzione di fronte

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  • Seno rimozione dell'impianto è la rimozione chirurgica degli impianti precedentemente inseriti e può essere rimosso per una serie di motivi. Gli impianti in genere devono essere sostituite ogni 8-10 anni e alcuni pazienti possono decidere di averli rimossi e non per sostituirli, o possono essere rimossi al fine di modificare le dimensioni.

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    Circa 1 settimana.

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Mastoplastica Additiva

Rifarsi il seno , Mastoplastica additiva , Aumento del seno

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  • In chirurgia implantare al seno, un impianto è inserito al fine di modificare la dimensione e la forma del seno. L'ambulatorio è effettuato comunemente per le donne che desiderano avere seni più grandi, più Formoso, le donne con seno poco sviluppato, o che hanno avuto il tessuto mammario rimosso (mastectomia). Protesi al seno possono essere utilizzate anche per correggere asimmetria mammaria, o come parte di sesso maschio-femmina.

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Altri trattamenti disponibili presso Ramat Aviv Medical Center

The Center is a leading facility, and its four operating rooms are among the best-equipped in Israel.

All departments boast high standards of equipment and technology, including the Imaging Center, which is equipped with the “Brilliance CT 64”, a model that produces high-resolution radiology images. There is also an institute for computerized tomography (CT), where all scans are carried out underneath an Advanced Ambient Illumination System.

Other specialties offered at the Center include dentistry, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, general surgery, plastic & aesthetic surgery, urology, orthopedics, gynecology, cardiology, a breast diagnosis clinic, and alternative medicine.



The Ramat Aviv Medical Center has a team of over 120 staff, including 65 well-trained doctors and a team of nurses who are experienced in the care of international patients.

Every staff member is committed to achieving the highest available standards of professional excellence, and the Center operates under the license of the Ministry of Health and is backed by the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.



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  • Roni Strier, August 2019


    עברתי ניתוח קרע מניסקוס במרכז. טיפול הצוות הרפואי היה אדיב ומקצועי ביותר. ד"ר נמרוד שניר היה קשוב אנושי ושמר על קשר אחרי הניתוח בתהליך ההתאוששות. מאחל לכל חולי ישראל טיפול כזה.

  • פיני צרויה, July 2019


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    תפעול יעיל ואפילו הביאו לי את התוצאות באותו יום.

  • Alex Bolton, July 2019


    Worst experience in my life. I coming for doing an exam, I no see one doctor. The girl was incompetent to do the exam, she like watching how to do in a book. When I receive my exam, my doctor ask me to do another Exam in an other center(because the result seems non valid) and incredible the results was totally different and real!

    I ask to refund and they refuse ! Not recommended at all.

  • Youri Freedman, April 2019


    Very good medical center! High level facilities and service. Very trained stuff.

  • go or, April 2019


    תחושה ורמת שירות של בית חולים ציבורי !!!
    צוות מזכירות / אחיות שעושות טובה ...
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