Hospital Real San Jose

Guadalajara, Messico

Guadalajara, Messico

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The Hospital Real San Jose is a hospital known for maintaining high standards of quality and safety in patient care, offering both modern premises and the latest technology. It is a member of the Cluster of Medical Tourism in Jalisco, Mexico, an association of private hospitals in the region.

Major international medical insurances are accepted at the hospital including USA Medical Services, Allianz Worldwide Care, BMI Insurance Company, SunMed International, Nordic Health Care, Olympus Managed Health Care, and the ASA Assistance Service of the America. The hospital also treat patients who are paying out-of-pocket for checkups or surgery packages.

Other services on offer include free WiFi, a pharmacy, laundry, hotel booking, and airport pickup. All rooms come equipped with a phone and TV, and disability access rooms are available. Dietary requests are also accepted.


The hospital is located 24 km from the Guadalajara International Airport and is accessible via public transport or taxi.

Located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, Guadalajara is a city which offers a wide variety of dining, entertainment, and cultural opportunities. The Guadalajara Cathedral was built in 1558 and is famous for its neo-gothic towers and it is located 7 km away. There are many chapels inside containing art from famous artists such as Cristóbal de Villalpando, Miguel Cabrera, and Murillo.

Patients can also choose to visit the Museo Regional de Guadalajara, a museum which details the entire history of the city until the Revolution. It contains a tree-filled courtyard perfect for relaxation and is just 8 km away,


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109 trattamenti all'interno di 14 specialità

>Chirurgia Bariatrica

(3 procedure)

Visita per chirurgia bariatrica

+ di più

Gastrectomia Verticale Parziale

Gastrectomia a manica

+ di più


(7 procedure)

Consultazione Cardiologica

Consultazione di malattia cardiaca

+ di più

Angiografia Coronarica

Angiografia coronaria , Cateterizzazione del cuore

+ di più

Angioplastica Coronarica

+ di più

>Diagnostica per Immagini

(9 procedure)

Densitometria: Misurazione della Densità Minerale Ossea

+ di più

Radiografia del torace (RX torace)

+ di più

Tomografia Computerizzata (TC)


+ di più


(4 procedure)

Visita Gastroenterologica

+ di più


+ di più

>Chirurgia Generale

(17 procedure)


Rimozione della ghiandola surrenale

+ di più


Appendicite , Rimozione di appendice

+ di più

Nodulectomia al seno

Rimozione di noduli al seno , mastectomia parziale.

+ di più


(33 procedure)

Rottura del Tendine d'Achille

+ di più

Artroscopia della Caviglia

+ di più

Fissazione dell'Anca

+ di più

>Medicina Fisica e Riabilitazione

(5 procedure)

Screening di Ossa e Legamenti

+ di più

Massaggio Linfodrenante

Drenaggio linfatico manuale

+ di più

Riabilitazione Ortopedica

+ di più

>Chirurgia Plastica, Ricostruttiva ed Estetica

(6 procedure)

Mastoplastica Additiva

Rifarsi il seno , Mastoplastica additiva , Aumento del seno

+ di più

Sollevamento del Seno

Mastopessi , Sollevamento del seno

+ di più

Mastoplastica ricostruttiva


+ di più


(16 procedure)


Circoncisione , Trattamento della fimosi , Trattamento della parafimosi

+ di più


+ di più

Trattamento per Disfunzioni Erettili

Trattamento dell'impotenza

+ di più

>Medicina Generale

(2 procedure)


+ di più


(2 procedure)

Visita Neonatale

+ di più


+ di più


(2 procedure)

Dialisi ai reni

Dialisi per la funzione del rene basso

+ di più


(2 procedure)

Stimolazione cerebrale profonda (DBS)

+ di più

Chirurgia dell'epilessia

Chirurgia cerebrale per l'epilessia

+ di più


(1 procedura)

Ultrasuoni 4D

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Altri trattamenti disponibili presso Hospital Real San Jose

The Hospital Real San Jose boasts many medical specialties including neurosurgery, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, traumatology, and urology. It is well-known for its specialized units, which include an obesity clinic and departments for DNA VITA Cell Therapy, rehabilitation medicine, hand and peripheral nerve surgery, and neurophysiology.

Furthermore, the hospital utilizes state of the art technology in its medical procedures, including digital radiology, MRI scans, and multislice spiral tomography. Echocardiography, digitized mammography, and 3D and 4D doppler ultrasound are also available at the hospital.



The Hospital Real San Jose boasts a large team of doctors who have gained many years of national and international experience within their respective medical specialties. This includes Dr. Jorge Gilcerio who is considered a leading expert in endoscopic surgery and paranasal sinuses. The team also includes many experts in rehabilitation medicine, all of whom are well-trained in diminishing or eliminating post-operative after-effects, ensuring a quicker recovery for all patients.

They are supported by a strong team of nurses, who work together to ensure that all patients have the required, personalized treatment.

Dott. Victor Manuel Santana

  • Head of the Medical SPA and Plastic Surgery
  • Performs over 150 surgeries per year
  • Treasurer Secretary of the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Graduated from the University of Guadalajara


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  • Jimmyllenium A, October 2019


    Las mejores experiencias de mi vida las pasé ahí. Conocí por primera vez a mis dos hijos. El personal de primera, la atención de primera, la ubicación de primera la comida riquísima la atención espléndida el mejor hospital de ZMG. La amabilidad y atención es sobresaliente.

  • Belem, September 2019


    Bonito Hospital... Solo por seguridad ir sin joyas, por que si se te extravía algo, no lo regresan. Ese fue mi caso. Una lástima!!!

  • Androw Banda, May 2019


    I asked for a minor consultation here for a fall I suffered not too long ago, thinking that I was going to break the bank for the service I was going to get. Not so, it seems. The doctors and staff here were friendly and helpful. So I definitely recommend coming here, even if it’s for something minor. Better safe than sorry.

  • Lydia Ramirez, December 2017


    Hospital was nice and clean. Doctors were amazing helped me feel safe and comfortable, nurses & staff took really good care of me and my surgery was a success. I'll definitely go back again.

  • Vikash Verma, March 2016


    Really nice