Advanced Smiles Dentistry

Tijuana, Messico

Tijuana, Messico



Situato a Tijuana, in Messico, Advanced sorrisi odontoiatria è vicino al confine USA-Messico ed è esperto nel trattamento di pazienti internazionali.

La clinica offre consulenze gratuite dentale, oltre al trasporto gratuito da e verso il confine con il Messico. Altri servizi forniti dalla clinica includono Wi-Fi gratuita, un telefono per chiamate internazionali, assistenza con hotel e prenotazione del volo e hotel e aeroporto pick-up e drop-off.

La clinica accetta una serie di assicurazioni internazionali tra cui Delta Dental, MetLife, Cigna e Regence.


Advanced Smiles Dentistry si trova a 7 km dall'aeroporto internazionale di Tijuana ed è accessibile in taxi. Un servizio navetta gratuito è offerto anche per portare i pazienti dal confine degli Stati Uniti alla clinica, che si trova a meno di 6 km di distanza.

Tijuana è la città più grande della Baja California e ha una varietà di ristoranti, bar e attrazioni culturali, tra cui il Centro Culturale di Tijuana, situato a soli 1 km di distanza. Il Centro Culturale di Tijuana è una popolare attrazione turistica che ha il suo cinema IMAX, oltre a una serie di mostre per conoscere la regione della Baja California attraverso le arti visive e la letteratura.

Plaza Rio è uno shopping un centro commerciale che si trova a meno di 10 km dalla clinica, che dispone di un certo numero di negozi e ristoranti. Per gustare un po 'di cucina messicana, Mission 19 è un ristorante situato a 4 km dalla clinica che offre una vista grattacielo in tutta la città.

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Altri trattamenti disponibili presso Advanced Smiles Dentistry

3 procedure più popolari eseguite presso Advanced sorrisi odontoiatria sono gli impianti dentali, trattamento canalare e corone. Altre procedure eseguite presso la clinica includono scaling e root planing, sbiancamento dei denti, materiale da otturazione del dente, estrazione del dente, inlay/onlay, dentiere, ponte dentale, del seno mascellare e innesto osseo.

La clinica dispone di 3 sale per trattamenti e utilizza la tecnologia CAD-CAM per la diagnosi esatta ed il trattamento dei pazienti.



Il team Advanced sorrisi odontoiatria è composto da 4 dentisti ed è condotto dal Dr. Julian De Anda. I dentisti sono laureati dell'Università autonoma di Baja California e l'Università nazionale autonoma del Messico, che sono considerate come le migliori Università di Mexico.

Lingue parlate presso la clinica sono inglese e spagnolo.

Testa Dr. Julian De Anda

-Laureato con una laurea in odontoiatria da Università autonoma di Baja California nel 2009 -Studi completati in implantologia presso l'Università autonoma di Baja California nel 2013 -Esperto nell'utilizzo di sistemi CAD-CAM e 3D CT imaging


Dr. Sergio Morales

-Si è laureato con una laurea in odontoiatria dall'Università nazionale autonoma del Messico -Più di 20 anni di odontoiatria di esperienza


Dr. Stephanie De Ande

-Laureata con una laurea in odontoiatria da Università autonoma di Baja California nel 2015 -Particolare esperienza in odontoiatria restaurativa


Dr. Carlos Villegas

-Si specializza in generale odontoiatria



La clinica è stata visitata da un membro del team di Medigo

Advanced Smile Dentistry is located in a modern area of Tijuana named Zona Rio, which is full of restaurants, cafes and hotels.

I met with Roberto Vargas, who is their international patient coordinator that all patients talk to prior to booking treatment. He is great and will answer all your questions.

The main dentist, Dr. Julian De Anda, is super welcoming and has over ten years experience with American and Canadian patients. They even receive many patients from Alaska!

Recensioni esterne from Google

  • ron knight, December 2019


    Myself and the wife went to Advanced Smiles in Tj this past Thursday, all the way from Washington State.

    Friends, this place appears to be the real deal, and the service you get from everybody at Advanced Smiles is over the top. And the $1,000s you will save is true!

    I did several days of research before choosing this dental facility, Advanced Smiles in TJ, and I even contacted a couple of the past dental patients personally before making the decision to choose this dental office, as we were very nervous about crossing the border to get dental work, even thou we have friends who go to TJ to get dental/medical.

    Its been 3 days since we visited this dental office, as I wanted time to settle in before posting our feedback, so let me tell you, if your looking for a fantastic place that will care about you, and treat you like a real human being, regardless of where you are from, and save you $1,000s, this is Advanced Smiles. And they speak English!!!!!!!

    From Dr Joseph Metzler, to all the girls/guys at Advanced Smiles, you are all true rockstars, and only wish here in the US, our clinics could seem to care as much as you all do.

    You all made us feel like part of the family, and our visit was just the best ever.

    We will continue to tell everybody about the fantastic care we got while at this dental facility, and others that we know who already come to Mexico for their Dental/Medical.

    We have found a dental facility that we honestly can say, we will continue to travel to for many years to come.

    * ** We have several upcoming visits for dental work for both the wife and myself, so we will update each of our visits along the way to keep everybody updated on progress.

  • Scott Wright, November 2019


    I was a typical American, a little nervous about having quite a bit of dental work done in Mexico but I had read great reviews and decided to take a chance. I had gone to a local dentist to get an estimate for the work I needed and it was like going to a used car salesman and it was only to start. The price was ridiculous and unaffordable to pay all that up front. I decided to visit Advanced Smiles and made the trip from LA to Tijuana. When i got there, i found the office very nice and clean, the staff very helpful and friendly and my dentist Dr. Cecile Flores very friendly, capable and skilled. I had quite a bit of work to do that I had put off for a long time and they dealt with me in the most professional and helpful way.They worked with my budget to schedule payments that were comfortable. I have nothing but raves to say about the great service i received. I happen to be a professional trumpet player and am very sensitive about the dental care I was looking for.I can't say enough about the work they did and now i still drive there to get my teeth cleaned. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate everyone at Advanced Smiles Dentistry!

  • Soleil Medina, November 2019


    I went to advanced smile all the way from Colorado. I had a root canal, 4 cavities filled and my front 6 teeth fitted with straight white crowns. They did an amazing job, I had all this done about 2 years ago and haven't had any problems. Very professional staff. Amazing prices. I won't go anywhere well else.

  • Steve Basmajian, August 2019



    Outstanding 5 stars.
    Dr. Julian, Dra. Thelma, Dr. Jose Metzler, Liz, Andrea, Carolina, Sofia, Karla(front desk girls) and the entire staff, THANK YOU!!
    Everyone is so polite, friendly and professional. I have drove many miles and have been coming for 18 months. Every mile I have driven has been worth it.
    This place has far exceeded any expectations I could of ever had.
    Everyone here is a humanitarian and truly has taken an interest in me. I am grateful and lucky to have found this place.
    I want to share this story with as many people as I can.

  • Rick Hall, May 2019


    I needed major restoration work and saved $39,000 over the quote I got in Encinitas. I'm paying only $11,000 when my other dentist told me I needed to have all my teeth pulled and replace them with implants and snap in dentures. At Advanced Smiles, I was told I could keep my bottom teeth! Now my mouth is almost done and people tell me my teeth look great! That price included tooth extraction, temporary denture, 6 implants, healing abutments, final abutments and lots of bone grafts. A long process to do it right but these folks are wonderful. They really listen to you concerns, I've had almost no pain and the results are more than wonderful. I took my 82 year old mom there for a root canal and she said there was no pain and told my brother she had a great time! Yes... A GREAT TIME getting a ROOT CANAL! Crazy, huh? Plus, they give a 10% discount!