Alba Reyes Skin and Hair Transplant Institute

Santo Domingo, Repubblica Dominicana

Santo Domingo, Repubblica Dominicana

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Alba Reyes pelle e Istituto del trapianto di capelli è guidato dal Dr. Reyes, che è certificato dal bordo americano di capelli chirurgia restauro (ABHRS). La clinica è rinomata per l'esecuzione di trapianti di capelli fino a 5.000 innesti in una procedura, trapiantare peli di 1-3 per l'innesto.

La clinica offre pacchetti all inclusive, tariffe scontate per le procedure multiple eseguite, nonché di tariffe di gruppo. Servizi forniti dalla clinica comprendono consulenze on-line gratuite, connessione Wi-Fi, un telefono per chiamate internazionali, servizi di interpretariato e assistenza con prenotazione di attività locale.


Alba Reyes pelle e Hair Transplant Institute si trova a Santo Domingo, la più grande città in Repubblica Dominicana, a 30km dall'aeroporto internazionale di Las Americas.

La zona offre diverse opportunità à la carte, come il ristorante Don Pepe, un autentico, intimo ristorante spagnolo, a soli 4 km dalla clinica.

La clinica si trova in Ciudad Colonial, quartiere centrale di Santo che è stato dichiarato patrimonio dell'umanità dall'UNESCO. Ci sono molte attrazioni culturali, come il Parco Zoo nazionale, che si trova direttamente sul fiume di Isabela ed è a soli 2 km di distanza. Il faro di Colombo, un monumento inaugurato nel 1992 e dedicato a Christopher Columbus, è situato a 8km dalla clinica.


American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

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4 trattamenti all'interno di 2 specialità

>Trapianto di Capelli

(3 procedure)

Trapianto di Peli Facciali

Trapianto di peli facciali , Trapianto di baffi

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  • A beard transplant is a surgical procedure performed to transplant hair from one part of the body to the face. In some men, facial hair may grow sparsely or there may be areas of patchiness. The procedure is performed on patients seeking a fuller and thicker beard.

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Trapianto di Sopracciglia

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Trapianto di Capelli

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  • This is the cost for 2,000 hair grafts. Most patients require between 1500 and 3000 hair grafts. Your personal quote will fluctuate according to your needs.

  • 3 giorni

    I pazienti di solito volare in seguito, tuttavia la procedura può richiedere diverse sessioni.

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See 2 types of Trapianto di Capelli:
Trapianto di Unità Follicolari (FUT)
$3.500 - $5.000
Estrazione di Unità Follicolari (FUE)
  da $4.000


(1 procedura)

Terapia Facciale con Iniezioni di Plasma Ricco di Piastrine (PRP)

Terapia di vampiro

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Altri trattamenti disponibili presso Alba Reyes Skin and Hair Transplant Institute

The 3 most popular procedures performed at Alba Reyes Skin and Hair Transplant Institute are hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, and beard transplant.

The clinic uses the latest techniques in performing hair restoration, including MSFU (mega session follicular units transplant), SMSFU (super mega session follicular units transplant), and FUE (follicular unit extraction).



Il team presso Alba Reyes pelle e Istituto del trapianto di capelli è guidato dal Dr. Alba Reyes, una scheda certificata chirurgo specializzato nel trapianto di capelli.

Lingue parlate presso la clinica sono inglese e spagnolo.

Dr. Alba Reyes

-Diplomato presso l'Istituto di pelle chirurgico e dermatologico, Santo Domingo, Repubblica Dominicana -Addestrato sotto una varietà di chirurghi di fama internazionale capelli restauro -Frequenta le conferenze annuale di International Society di capelli restauro Surgery (ISHRS) -Membro del bordo americano di Hair Restoration Surgery

Trapianto di Capelli


La clinica è stata visitata da un membro del team di Medigo

The clinic is located in a well known zone of the capital city (Santo Domingo). It is easy to find. The clinic is in a house that was converted. It looks nice and clean inside and out. The receptionist was kind.

Recensioni esterne from Google

  • Alex A, September 2019


    Painless, Friendly staff, my hair got darker nothing crazy though they promised me a full head of hair from pictures but didn’t do that saying that i need more grafts than what they expected. So they sold me a dream that wasn’t promised over pictures.

    also they did a horrible job extracting my donor hairs. My donor area looks patchy on one side of my head than the other.

  • Rouben Madikians, September 2019


    I have had a pleasure of visiting Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv twice. The doctor and her staff, from the start of the first call to the treatments and follow ups, have been fantastic. The result of both treatments have given me fuller head of hair and better hairline. What I really have enjoyed is the total service that Dr Reyes and her team provide, from getting picked up at the airport, checking in at the hotel, getting picked up and follow ups. They have a great team that not only does a highest quality treatments, but also make sure all of your anticipated needs are taken care of in style.
    I highly recommend Dr Alba Ryes Sagiv for any hair treatment. Oh, before I forget, I am grateful I listened to her suggestions the first time I saw her and how we built on what we did the first time. Her suggestions and care truly have created an outcome that I am extremely happy with. Thank you, Dr. Alba.

  • Tahir Oliver, June 2019


    Hello I would like to share my experience of having a hair transplant performed by Dr. Alba Reyes . I m a 42 year old "negro" man living in America who has suffered from male pattern baldness for 22 years. After doing my research I was very fortunate to have found Dr. Alba and her hair restoration clinic in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. From the very start Vanessa Bos of the international services department and I begun to develop a strategy to systematically regrow my hair. She explained to me the entire process from the beginning to the end. From the numbers of grafts needed to be transplanted all the way to arranging my travel plans and hotel stay. When I arrived in the D.R. I was greeted by a driver who took me to the 4 star Hotel Barcelona. The next day when I was to have the procedure done I had the pleasure to meet with the "genius" Dr Alba who warmly greeted me as we discussed any and all of my concerns about the hair transplant. She assured me she would do her best and 8 hours later I looked in the mirror and saw a new man staring back at me. Dr. Alba and her excellent staff helped me realize a dream of mine that took many, many years to come true. I' m eternally grateful to her and the staff. They took phenomenal care of me and I would like to let everyone know who is looking to get a hair transplant that they need to consider Dr. Alba and the hair restoration clinic in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. I have gone from a balding middle aged man to now looking like a young fine champion again! I would definitely highlight this chapter in my book of life as "epic". There's no grater investment than to make into one's self. Thanks Dr. Alba

    Tahir Oliver

  • Nelvin Borrero, June 2019


    The experience with Dr. Reyes was excellent. Dr. Reyes and the clinic staff proved to be quality professionals. Vanessa Boss, was excellent since the surgery date arrangement. She answer every question I had about the surgery. Also, she was aware of every detail of the surgery, even before I arrive at the airport. Before the surgery Dr. Reyes explained to me step by step the surgery procedure that was going to be performed and then gave me postoperative instructions and medicine to guarantee a good result. I felt no pain during and after the surgery. The next day, they do a follow up of the surgery and explained how to wash the area and how to take care of it. Overall, the experience was amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Alba Reyes hair transplant clinic.

  • Rick Dawson, June 2019


    I had my hair restoration done last year year and it was such a great experience. The experience was awesome and the results even better. I would recommend them highly. I'm ready for round 2 in a few months for the back section of my head.