JSC Medicina Clinic

Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

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JSC Medicina is a multidisciplinary clinic that was founded in 1990. The clinic has been accredited by the US Joint Commission International (JCI) and is partnered with the Russian National Research Medical University.

JSC Medicina practices interdisciplinary medicine and is home to one of the best diagnostic facilities in Moscow. The clinic has 44 specialized medical departments that include orthopedics, cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, ENT, gynecology, reproductive medicine, general surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, and urology, amongst others.

The clinic is fitted with 106 patient beds and treats over 2,100 patients each month. There is a specialized traumatology center and a state-of-the-art oncology center at the clinic, as well as 4 "smart" operating theaters and a hybrid operating theater.

With experience in treating international patients, JSC Medicina provide a range of convenient services that include online consultations, interpreter services, and visa assistance.


JSC Medicina is located in Moscow, 30 km from Sheremetyevo International Airport and can be reached via public transport. The nearest Metro station to the clinic is Mayakovskaya station, just 550 m away.

Moscow is the capital of Russia and has plenty of cultural and historic attractions. The Moscow Kremlin, one of the city's most iconic buildings, which overlooks the Moskva River and is the official residence of Russia's president, can be reached within 3 km from the clinic.

Red Square, the city's famous square that dates back to the 13th century, can be reached within less than 6 km from the clinic. The Bolshoi Theatre, home to the Russian ballet and opera, is located 4 km from the clinic.


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552 trattamenti all'interno di 17 specialità

>Chirurgia Bariatrica

(5 procedure)

Visita per chirurgia bariatrica

+ di più

Trattamento con Palloncino Intragastrico (BIB)

Palloncino intragastrico

+ di più

Chirurgia della Banda Gastrica

Lap-Band , Bendaggio gastrico regolabile laparoscopico (LAGB)

+ di più


(77 procedure)

Trattamento per infarto da insufficienza cardiaca (scompenso cardiaco)

+ di più

Trattamento di angina pectoris

+ di più

Trattamento di Stenosi Aortica

+ di più

>Medicina Colo-Rettale

(21 procedure)

Drenaggio di Ascesso Anale

+ di più

Rimozione di Ciste Anale

Trattamento di cisti pilonidale

+ di più

Trattamento di Ragade Anale

Fistulotomia , Riparazione di lacerazione anale

+ di più

>Diagnostica per Immagini

(22 procedure)

TAC all'addome

+ di più

Ecografia Addominale

+ di più

Densitometria: Misurazione della Densità Minerale Ossea

+ di più


(30 procedure)



+ di più


Intervento chirurgico del dotto biliare comune

+ di più


+ di più

>Medicina Generale

(12 procedure)

Esaminazione Addominale

+ di più



+ di più

Terapia Extracorporea ad Onde d'Urto (ESWT)

+ di più

>Chirurgia Generale

(28 procedure)


Rimozione della ghiandola surrenale

+ di più


Appendicite , Rimozione di appendice

+ di più

Drenaggio di ascesso al seno

+ di più


(62 procedure)


Test di fluido amniotico (a poppa) , La diagnosi prenatale

+ di più

Assistenza Prenatale (ANC)

+ di più

Cisti della Ghiandola di Bartolini

Trattamento delle cisti vaginali

+ di più


(18 procedure)

Alzheimer's Disease Management

+ di più

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Management

Malattia del Neurone di motore

+ di più

Terapia per paralisi di Bell

+ di più


(22 procedure)

Trattamento del Neurinoma dell’acustico

Trattamento del neurinoma vestibolare

+ di più

Trattamento per Aneurisma Cerebrale

+ di più

Chirurgia per Tumore al Cervello

Trattamento del cancro del cervello

+ di più


(114 procedure)

Sbrigliamento di un Ascesso

+ di più

Rottura del Tendine d'Achille

+ di più

Risanamento di Articolazioni Acromioclavicolari

+ di più


(14 procedure)


+ di più

Terapia per Broncopneumopatia Cronica Ostruttiva (BPCO)

+ di più

Trattamento per Fibrosi Cistica

+ di più

>Medicina della Riproduzione

(37 procedure)

Test per anticorpi antisperma

+ di più

Inseminazione Artificiale

Inseminazione intrauterina (IUI)

+ di più

Sgusciamento Assistito

Zona assistita da cova (AZH)

+ di più

>Chirurgia spinale

(31 procedure)

Sostituzione Disco Artificiale

Disco intervertebrale artificiale

+ di più

Discopatia Cervicale

Discopatia cervicale , Malattia degenerante del disco cervicale

+ di più

Trattamento di spondilosi cervicale

+ di più


(44 procedure)

Resezione del collo vescicale

Trattamento di ostruzione del collo della vescica

+ di più

Rimozione di Calcoli Vescicali

+ di più


Circoncisione , Trattamento della fimosi , Trattamento della parafimosi

+ di più

>Medicina Vascolare

(13 procedure)

Riparazione di Aneurisma Aortico Addominale

+ di più


Angiografia Coronarica

+ di più


+ di più


(2 procedure)

Trattamento per fibromialgia

+ di più

Consultazione Reumatologica

+ di più

Altri trattamenti disponibili presso JSC Medicina Clinic

JSC Medicina Clinic performs a range of procedures including hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder surgery, prostatectomy, laminectomy, spinal disc herniation treatment, spinal fusion surgery, brain tumor surgery, and hernia repair amongst others.

The clinic uses advanced technology that makes diagnostics and treatment more efficient and less invasive. Technologies include capsule endoscopy, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanners, CT (computed tomography) scanners, X-ray, and ultrasound. The diagnostic's center uses specialized medical instruments and immunological methods to analyze infections and provide accurate treatment plans.

The clinic's rehabilitation department offers a variety of services including water treatments, a Shiatsu masseur, and spa treatments.



The team at JSC Medicina is comprised of over 300 highly trained doctors who are specialized in their respective fields. In order to deliver the best diagnosis and treatment plans to all patients, the doctors practice interdisciplinary medicine across the hospital's 44 specialized areas of medicine.

Many of the doctors have studied in exceptional medical institutions in Russia and abroad, and are skilled in using the most up-to-date diagnostic technologies and surgical techniques.

Prof. Dott. Roytberg G. E.

  • President of JSC Medicina
  • Graduated with a degree in medicine and a PhD
  • Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Winner of the Russian Federation Government Prize in the field of education

Dr. Janson S. D.

  • Head of the dental department at JSC Medicina
  • Graduated from the Russian State Medical University, Russia
  • Completed international training in clinics across Europe, Israel, and the USA

Dr. Fedina T. V.

  • Specializes in general medicine
  • Graduated from the faculty of general medicine at the Moscow Medical Stomatology Institute, Russia
Medicina Generale

Dr. Kayumov F. H.

  • Specializes in general medicine
  • Graduated from the Kuybyshev Military Medical Academy, Russia
  • Earned a certification in health organization
Medicina Generale

Dott. Lvova E. A.

  • Specializes in ENT (ear, nose, and throat)
  • Graduated from the Yaroslavl State Medical Academy, Russia
  • Leading ENT specialist for both adult and pediatric patients
  • Senior researcher at the ENT department of the Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute, Russia
  • Member of the Russian Society of ENT Specialists, the Moscow City Society of Otolaryngologists, and the European Rhinologic Society

Dr. Kondratova N. V.

  • Chief physician of JSC Medicina
  • Graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Completed training in family medicine at the University of Iowa, USA
  • Received the Grand Expectations Award from the Royal College of Family Physicians
  • Awarded a grant for young scientists by the Family Physicians Association, Netherlands
Medicina Generale

Dr. Platonova O. E.

  • Chief of the diagnostics department at JSC Medicina
  • Graduated from Yakutsk State University, Russia
  • Author of various national and international leading publications
  • Member of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine
Diagnostica per Immagini

Dott. Makolin I. A.

  • Chief of the clinical laboratory, diagnostics, and endoscopy department at JSC Medicina
  • Graduated from the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Russia
  • Completed internships and training in various clinics throughout Europe
  • Co-author of a number of scientific published papers
Diagnostica per Immagini

Dott. Koloyan N. G.

  • Director of Medical Services at JSC Medicina
  • Graduated from Ryazan State Medical University, Russia
  • Earned a certificate in the organization of health and public health
Medicina Generale

Dr. Zaharov S. N.

  • Specializes in radiation oncology
  • Graduated from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russia
  • Particular expertise in radiotherapy and using high-tech methods of radiation therapy
Radioterapia Oncologica


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