Clinica Dental - Dr. Joan Ramis Matas

Palma di Maiorca, Spagna

Palma di Maiorca, Spagna

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Located in Port de Pollença, Mallorca, Spain, the Clinica Dental surgery is staffed by four dental surgeons with a range of specialities including implantology and orthodontics.

Established in 1996 and founded by Dr. Joan Ramis Matas, the clinic is equipped to help English-speaking dental patients and provides online consultations, support with medical records transfers, after care, rehabilitation and Visa assistance.

The clinic also provides medical record translation and interpreter services in English, concierge services and local activity bookings.

The clinic has a phone available for international calling, and free WiFi on its premises. Payments can be made through Visa/Mastercard, American Express/Discover, bank transfer, or cash.


The clinic is 67km from Palma de Mallorca airport, and is accessible via local bus services.

The clinic is in Port de Pollenca, which runs along the Bay of Pollenca. Port de Pollenca is a popular family holiday destination, and offers a large selection of sea view hotels and apartments. The town features a cafe-lined promenade, and long sandy beaches popular with water sports enthusiasts. The most popular walk in town is the Pine Walk along the coastline, past a bronze sculpture of the famed Spanish artist Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, and towards the sprawling military base near the end of the Pine Walk.

In addition, the town offers plenty of opportunities for boat trips, kayaking, cycling and scuba diving.


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Altri trattamenti disponibili presso Clinica Dental - Dr. Joan Ramis Matas

La clinica offre una vasta gamma di trattamenti dentali quali servizi parodontale, ortodonzia, implantologia, endodonzia, odontoiatria per bambini. Se esterne specialità in odontoiatria sono richiesti da un paziente nella clinica, gli specialisti sono invitati a utilizzare servizi di clinica in modo che il paziente può ricevere il loro trattamento nella stessa posizione.



La clinica è composto da quattro dentisti internazionalmente istruiti. Guidati dal Dr. Joan Ramis Matas, la clinica offre trattamenti per i pazienti che parlano spagnolo e inglese.

Il personale sono membri degli organismi nazionali di dentali spagnoli (SECIB) e sono stato educato in tutta Europa e Sud America.

Dott. Joan Ramis Matas

Dr. Joan Ramis Matas founded the clinic in 1996, after graduating with a Master's degree in Oral Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry from the UIB University in Mallorca, he is also a specialist in bone graft and IMOI tissue treatments.

Dr. Matas is a full member of the Spanish Society of Oral Surgery (SECIB) and the associate head of the Spanish Society of Periodontology (SEPES).


Dott. Cristina Colon

Dr. Cristina Colon è uno specialista in odontoiatria pediatrica.


Dott. Joan Más Ramis

Dr. Joan Más Ramis laureato nel 2002 dall'Università Alfonso X a Madrid con una laurea in odontoiatria. Dr. Ramis More detiene anche i certificati di laureati in Parodontologia e chirurgia orale dell'Università di Bristol nel Regno Unito.


Dott. Kate Kuperman

Dr. Kate Kuperman è 2003 dentale laureato che ha conseguito di un Master in ortodonzia.


Catiana Vidal Cerda

Ms. CATIANA Vidal Cerda lavorando nella gestione pratica. Ha conseguito un certificato di organizzazione, gestione e controllo della qualità in studi dentistici da 2011 ed è addestrata nella cura del paziente.

Isabel Vidal

Ms. Isabel Vidal è il clinic receptionist e assistente di clinica. Ms. Vidal ha conseguito un certificato in conflitto psicologico e gestione del paziente dal 2011.

Gema López Bonache

Gema López Bonache finito sua protesi studi a l'Acadèmia de les Ciències Mèdiques de Catalunya i Balears nel 2005.

Maria Bonin

Assistente clinico e assistente di chirurgia orale.



La clinica è stata visitata da un membro del team di Medigo

The clinic is well located, with available parking facilities. It is located on the first floor of a relatively new building. Facilities, although not huge, are comfortable, new, and clean. I interacted with both the staff and the owner of the clinic, who were very pleasant at all times.

Recensioni esterne from Google

  • Keith Murray, October 2018


    Very confident of this practice from the first visit to the completion of the treatment required. All the staff were excellent and the place was clean with the latest equipment.
    I would recommend without hesitation.
    Keith Murray

  • Tomasz Poszytek, October 2018


    Very helpful and neat dentist. Provided me with the full information, explained everything and proposed treatment. I felt secure and taken care of.

  • Jennifer Mulholland, July 2017


    Amazing dentist, had a root canal and didn't feel any pain at all ,he spoke perfect English and was just a very nice caring man would definitely suggest him.

  • sarah prebble, July 2017


    Dr. Joan Ramis Matas and his staff personify excellence in all their fields. I have lived in the USA for ten years, and the UK for most of my life and have never experienced a dental practice to exceed the care, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail that Dr. Ramis Matas' practice offers. I unfortunately, as a baby boomer have poor teeth, and I wish I had had the care that Dr. Ramis excells in many years might have saved many of my teeth!
    I originally came to Dr Ramis for three implants. He is the most gentle dentist I have ever known.... extractions are painless, quick and efficient. He works meticulously throughout all procedures explaining as he goes. He cares for his patients, he cares about his vocation, and he cares about his practice. His staff create a wonderful family atmosphere, and I know that is because of Dr. Ramis' direction and personal beliefs in holistic medicine. Dentistry can un-nerve some people. Dr. Ramis is obviously aware of this, and he makes sure that each patient receives top quality care, understanding and ease of treatment. He takes time with his patients, he takes time to get everything perfectly right.
    There is nothing to fault this dental purely and simply is the best....and worth travelling hundreds of miles for!

  • Audrey Brown, June 2016


    My crown came out whilst on holiday and I got an appointment the same day I enquired. The staff were so very friendly and professional and the dentist and his assistant did a fantastic job of replacing my crown, which was right at the front of my mouth so was really very noticeable!

    I would highly recommend this dental practice and would have no hesitation in using them again.