Dental House

Лос-Альгодонес, Мексика

Лос-Альгодонес, Мексика

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Обзор клиники

Обзор клиники

Dental House offers a range of restorative, preventative and cosmetic dental treatments. The clinic has two treatment rooms and uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best results. Dental House also offers a two year warranty on their dental procedures, ensuring their quality and longevity.

The clinic is very used to international patients, and typically treat over 300 international patients per year. As a result, Dental House offers a range of useful services for patients who need to travel for their dental care. These include discount rates on hotels, free transfers between the airport, clinic and hotel, online doctor consultations, discounts on multiple procedures and special packages designed for a patient’s needs.

Расположение клиники

Dental House is located in Los Algodones, Mexico. The clinic is approximately 30 km from Yuma International Airport, or a 30-minute taxi ride. Dental House also provides free transfers from the airport to the clinic or hotel for their patients. Los Algodones is also on the US/Mexico border, making it an easy trip for patients who would prefer to drive from the United States to the clinic. Drivers from the US can park their car on the US side of the border before using the pedestrian crossing to enter Los Algodones.

The clinic is surrounded by several useful amenities, including various delicious restaurants, a pharmacy, a post office, and several hotels. Dental House has partnerships with a few local hotels and can help you find the ideal place to stay during your treatment, often at a discounted rate.

Языки общения

Английский, Испанский

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20 процедур в 2 областях медицины


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«Все на четырех имплантатах»

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  • Метод «все на четырех» был разработан компанией Nobel Biocare для реставрации всего верхнего или нижнего ряда зубов. Для проведения процедуры используются четыре зубных имплантата, которые служат основой для моста или накладного протеза из 12—14 зубов.

  • 1 недель (-и)
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Пересадка костной ткани

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  • Костный трансплантат или наращивание костной ткани может понадобиться пациентам с неплотной или дефектной челюстной костью, которые собираются ставить зубные имплантаты. Атрофия челюстной кости встречается очень часто. Причины могут быть самые разные: удаление зуба, пародонтит или опухоли. Процедура трансплантации кости предусматривает наращивание костной ткани с помощью искусственного костного заменителя, костной ткани донора или взятой с другой анатомической области пациента.

  • 3 - 5 дня (-ей)

    Если забор трансплантата выполняется с кости бедра, то пациенту потребуется больше времени на прохождение процедуры. Более длительное пребывание также может потребоваться, когда у пациента повреждены носовые пазухи.

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Удлинение коронковой части зуба

Напуск коронки

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Внутривенная седация
600 $

Подробней о видах лечения в клинике Dental House

Dental House practices a range of high quality dental treatments, across the fields of preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. The clinic’s two treatment rooms are kept modern and to a high standard with state-of-the-art equipment and a range of specialized equipment, including their Digital X-Rays Sensor, to provide the best care possible for patients.

The most popular treatments at Dental House are dental crowns, dental implants, teeth cleaning, dentures and the renowned All-On-4 procedure. The All-On-4 procedure is used for patients with badly broken down or decayed teeth, and involves “all” the teeth being supported “on four” dental implants. These four dental implants will support a prosthesis of 10-14 teeth.



The staff at Dental House are expert and compassionate dentists who provide patients with the highest standard of care. They understand that many patients may be anxious about dental treatments and are used to providing a soothing presence and guide through dental treatments. Staff at the clinic speak English and Spanish.

Dr. Armando Hermandes Vargas

  • Specializes in prosthodontics
  • Regularly attends conferences and congresses to improve skills
  • Graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California

Yolanda Armenta Castro

  • Dental Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Graduated from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa


  • Общее качество обслуживания


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  • Wonderful. Friendly, talented, and courteous.
    PAUL США Зубной имплантат

    Отзыв пациента MEDIGO This review was provided by a patient that booked using the MEDIGO platform. It was submitted through our internal review system and is 100% genuine


    ноября 2018

    Staff picked up at airport. Arranged for hotel. Provided transport to and from appointments, and transport to airport at end of dental work. All staff bent over backwards to make experience perfect.

    PAUL , США Зубной имплантат