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Тихуана, Мексика

Тихуана, Мексика

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Обзор клиники

BioDental Care is a dental clinic based in Tijuana, Mexico, that specializes in preventative, restorative and aesthetic dentistry. The clinic is unique in its holistic approach to oral health, as the dentists at BioDental Care believe that a patient’s oral health is connected to their overall health. The clinic’s holistic approach mixed with traditional dental treatments ensures patient happiness.

The clinic is experienced in treating international patients and offers a range of services to make travelling for dental care easier. These include a free shuttle between the clinic and San Diego, discounts on cash payments, hotel accommodation coordination, and an administrative team who can help answer patients' questions about insurance, financial options, and scheduling.

Расположение клиники

BioDental Care is located in Tijuana, Mexico, 35 km from San Diego International Airport or an approximate 25-minute drive. Patients may choose to drive themselves, as the clinic is located close to the US/Mexico border, or BioDental Care can provide a free shuttle between San Diego and the clinic.

The clinic is located in the upscale business district of Tijuana, with many convenient amenities around it. There large Plaza Rio shopping mall is a three-minute walk from the clinic, and there are also banks, ATMs, delicious restaurants, comfortable hotels and pharmacies located close by.


American Dental Association

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«Все на четырех имплантатах»

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  • Метод «все на четырех» был разработан компанией Nobel Biocare для реставрации всего верхнего или нижнего ряда зубов. Для проведения процедуры используются четыре зубных имплантата, которые служат основой для моста или накладного протеза из 12—14 зубов.

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Пересадка костной ткани

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  • Костный трансплантат или наращивание костной ткани может понадобиться пациентам с неплотной или дефектной челюстной костью, которые собираются ставить зубные имплантаты. Атрофия челюстной кости встречается очень часто. Причины могут быть самые разные: удаление зуба, пародонтит или опухоли. Процедура трансплантации кости предусматривает наращивание костной ткани с помощью искусственного костного заменителя, костной ткани донора или взятой с другой анатомической области пациента.

  • 3 - 5 дня (-ей)

    Если забор трансплантата выполняется с кости бедра, то пациенту потребуется больше времени на прохождение процедуры. Более длительное пребывание также может потребоваться, когда у пациента повреждены носовые пазухи.

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Выравнивание зубов , закрытие диастемы

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  • Брекеты используются для выпрямления и выравнивания зубов. С их помощью можно исправить или предупредить многие ортодонтические проблемы. Брекеты, как правило, нужно носить в течение 18—24 месяцев, и каждые два-три месяца посещать ортодонта, который будет их корректировать. Поэтому пациентам следует либо запланировать несколько поездок, либо найти стоматолога в своей стране, который будет вести последующее наблюдение.

  • 1 - 4 дня (-ей)

    Время, требуемое в течение одной поездки. Брекеты периодически нужно корректировать. Это означает, что Вам придется либо планировать несколько поездок к ортодонту за рубеж, либо посещать ортодонта у себя дома для последующего наблюдения.

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Подробней о видах лечения в клинике BioDental Care

BioDental Care offer a range of dental procedures for preventative, restorative and cosmetic treatments. The clinic's holistic approach to dentistry means that, alongside usual traditional dentistry offerings, BioDental Care uses non-toxic restorative materials, focuses on the prevention and elimination of infections, and optimal oral health.

The most popular procedures at BioDental Care include safe mercury removal, dental implants, metal-free dental crowns, dentures, and the ever popular All-On-4 treatment. The dentists at BioDental Care are also skilled in using techniques such as PRP (Platelet-rich plasma tissue regeneration) to promote faster healing processes after surgery, especially for older patients.



BioDental Care is led by an internationally trained team of expert, qualified dentists who are accomplished in their fields and at patient care. The clinic’s team endeavours to make dental procedures as comfortable as possible and manage patient anxiety. The dentists at BioDental Care are supported by an administrative team who can help patients with logistics and other aspects of their travel and care in Mexico.

Dr. Juan Trejo Parra

  • Dental surgeon
  • Trained in California, USA
  • Member of the American Dental Association and the Mexican Board of Oral Implantology and Maxillofacial Association
  • Huggins-Grube Protocol certified
  • Graduated from the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, Mexico


Отзывы сторонних пациентов с Google

  • Bibi Georgewill, ноября 2019


    These guys literarily gave me back my life... they are amazing at what they do!! For 6 years I battled with dental problems, and now I regret not knowing them sooner, because I’m pretty certain I would have saved a lot of money, time and even some tooth extractions.

    Before meeting the people of Biodental care, my dental problems had caused me systemic medical problems to where other dentists, (like Dr Edgar of Bioimplant center), had made several costly mistakes, to where I continued going back to them for repeated surgeries which they’d still charge me for. It costed me a lot of money, time, pain and inconvenience.

    Biodental care, is different. They have so far made my dental experience in Tijuana a wonderful experience. I have never had to return to correct a mistake, one touch and that’s it! Like wow! I’m telling you, the Drs here are highly knowledgeable! This clinic repaired the mess that Dr Edgar of Bioimplant center did to my mouth!

    I am so glad I found this place.. they are very thorough in their work. The rooms are super clean, and the Drs are super kind. My health has since improved tremendously, and I can’t be happier. I’m keeping this Dr!

  • Lisa Antcliff, October 2019


    I came here very apprehensive after being told in the U.S. I most likely needed a root canal, minimally a crown. I thought that was extreme as I had no symptoms of pain, no infection, and no nerve exposed. I chose Biodental because of their reputation for holistic dentistry. I sent x rays to the dentist. They responded the next day saying they believe the structure is fine. I now have an inlay(covering a deep cavity and small chip) saving a big majority of my natural tooth. They stated "we try to go as conservative as possible". I saved thousands of dollars. Free roundtrip to and from the border. Beautiful cutting edge equipment. I felt like I had gone to the spa rather than the dentist they made me so comfortable. Free wi-fi, netflix, tea and smoothies. I even waited in a big comfy recliner for my inlay to be completed. Thank you so much. My tooth is perfect. We have found a dentist for life.

  • Crystal Dennen, августа 2019


    I recently had several extractions and then implants placed. They picked me up from my hotel in San Diego, brought me to their office and took care of me AND my husband every step of the way.

    They carefully explained our plan of care and were extremely informative on what to expect. The very friendly staff made a very uncomfortable trip more bearable! I highly recommend Bio Dental Care!! They were excellent!!

  • Bill Yanez, июля 2019


    If you value your health and safety do not visit this dental practice. They have been dealing with my wife's dental work for over 60 days and she's still having serious issues. My next communication is goning to be with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Resourceful Rebecca, апреля 2019


    Exceeded my expectations!! Excellent customer service, excellent Dentist Dr. Trejo, excellent office & location.
    I highly recommend Bio Dental Care holistic office. Dr. Trejo was thorough, caring and very professional. He is a very kind Dr and I was extremely comfortable with him even though I am not a fan of dental offices.
    If your looking for a clean and cheery office then your at the right place.
    Rebecca 😍