International payments with Medigo – up to 80% cheaper

We enable your payments with mid-market exchange rates and no hidden fees

How you’ll make savings with Medigo

  • Real, mid-market exchange rates
  • Avoid double conversion thanks to currency accounts
  • Save up to 80% compared to traditional banks with low, transparent fees*
  • Hedge against long-term currency exposure

Up to 80%

savings compared to traditional banks


different currency accounts


transaction currencies

*Medigo is not a licensed payment provider. The payments are processed by a third party licensed provider.

The benefits of processing your international payments with Medigo

One account, many currencies

We provide currency accounts in up to 29 currencies to avoid double conversion, and transactions in a total of 137 currencies.

Low transparent fees

Our overall FX rates are up to 80% lower than traditional banks, which often charge hidden fees such as additional foreign transfer fee, FX fee, FX spread and receiving bank fee.

The Medigo touch

Our dynamic, friendly team is based in Berlin and serves clients globally, with a global healthcare network, industry know-how, and tech-driven efficiency thanks to our custom-built software.

Compliant payments solution

Our licensed payment provider is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and currency accounts are held by Barclays and Citi banks.

How much could you save?

Claim Amount

Total FX fees*

Traditional Bank Medigo Savings
€100 38.2% 11.1% -71%
€500 10.2% 2.3% -77%
€3,000 4.3% 0.9% -79%
€15,000 3.5% 0.8% -78%

Claim Amount
€100 -71%
€500 -77%
€3,000 -79%
€15,000 -78%

*This is an example transaction based on EUR to SGD. Traditional bank fees based on quotes from a prominent European bank. For a custom quote please contact us.

**Many international payment providers charge hidden fees which are not clear up front. In addition to the base transfer fee, you would typically pay extras such as an additional foreign transfer fee, FX fee, FX spread and the receiving bank fee.

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Terms of service

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- Toni

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We are a global healthcare services provider headquartered in Berlin. We help organisations navigate global healthcare with payment services, TPA services, second medical opinions and medical travel support. We’re able to operate efficiently through our curated provider network, our cost containment database, and our proprietary claims processing software.

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