Medigo IT Team Mission & Values


“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” – John F. Kennedy



To create user-friendly software in an open, pragmatic, and professional way so that our patients and all of our stakeholders can reach their goals, and through their experience feel inspired to accomplish more than they could before.



Trust – Feeling in good company with some alp-dwelling direct democrats and a group of four righteous French riflemen – we mean it when we say “one for all, all for one.” It is because we believe in each other and appreciate knowing that there will be someone who has your back or who can give you a friendly kick in the butt whenever you can use it.

Simplicity – Our belief is that there is but little widely used code that is so beautifully, eternally effective that it is okay it takes days to understand its meaning. We also think debugging code is twice as difficult as writing it and that complexity breeds complexity. So if you “used up” 100% of your smartness to write it, at what price can you, or your fellow peers for that matter, muster those 200% later one when problems appear? Teams learned “if it’s not simple, it will not scale.” So while keeping it in the right perspective, to us simplicity is both a source of elegance and a matter of respect.

Drive – We do not believe in a single magical “motor” that keeps Medigo going. Instead every one of us wants to put in the best of their strengths and talents to help accelerate and steer. For us in IT that means we will not sit idly by when others are troubled, instead we do what we can to help them out. Moreover we see the freedom that Medigo gives us as an invitation to be adventurous and do challenging things so long as we to return “back to base” once in a while to share and integrate.


FEEL ALIGNED? Get in touch with us. Drop by for a beer or a cup of tea and tell us how you make someone’s world better. We’d be happy to show you how we try to. Oh and we also post some jobs every now and again. Spread the word.